IAB Display Ads
Native Ads (JSON)
Quality Assurance

Ad Formats

AdGlare can serve these type of ads.

Display Ads

Traditional inline content (JPG/PNG/GIF and MP4).

Native Ads (JSON)

Get a JSON response with ads, build your own ad unit.

Direct Links

Great for text links, click tracking or XML feeds.

VAST Video Ads

Upload an MP4 Video and get a VAST tag.

Inline Video Ads

Plays a video in a standard inline ad unit.

On-Screen Video Ads

Sticks to a corner when scrolled out of view.

Email/Newsletter Ads

Traditional ad units, not requiring a JavaScript environment.

Exit Intent Ads

Triggers when the user intends to leave the page.

Sticky Floor Ads

Ad units that stick to a side of the screen.

Virtual Reality Ads

VR 180° photos & videos, 360° immersive content, 3D AR.