AdGlare Software update (v1.50)

(43 months ago)
Two-Factor Authentication (see Security Settings)
A password can be stolen, intercepted or guessed. With Two-Step Authentication you can introduce a second factor (your mobile phone) to log you in to your account. See the Help Documentation for the instructions to set this up.
Additional Accounts (see Account Profiles)
In addition to the root account, you can give third parties access to your ad server by creating additional accounts. For each account you can set page permissions.
List of Failed Login Attempts (see Failed Login Attempts)
In case someone tries to log in to your Ad Server, you can now see a list of failed login attempts.
View release notes from within your ad server (see AdGlare Change Log)
Obviously, one of the new features is this change log page, so you don't have to look them up on the Blog on :)

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