AdGlare Software update (v2.60)

(31 months ago)
HTML5 Rich Media Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
HTML5 Rich Media Ads are loaded in an Iframe, and can consist of HTML5 Banners, Third Party (DSP) network tags/code or some other HTML creative.
In-Banner Video Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
In-Banner Video Ads display a HTML5 video with Flash fallback in a standard 300 x 250px MPU. VAST 2.0 supported.
Ad Serving Method (see Websites => Zones / details)
Image banner ads were always loaded as inline HTML for optimal performance. However, in some cases you may want to load those type of ads in iframes. You can now specify this for each zone individually. This setting overrides the default setting, which can be configured on the page Global Settings.
Protocol-relative Ad Serving
Ads and invocation codes are now served protocol-relative. This means that ads are loaded over SSL in case the zone's website is loaded over SSL too.
Campaign weights - improved performance (see Campaigns => Overview)
The SQL code that randomly selects a campaign based on its weight has been drastically improved. Also, the UI to set the weight has been updated.
Custom Branding (see Global Settings => Custom Branding)
Enterprise Edition: Add your own branding to Banner Image Ads. Ideal when you're running an ad network.

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