AdGlare Software update (v2.80)

(30 months ago)
New Ad Type: Email/Newsletter Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
Email clients have restrictions when it comes to executing JavaScript codes or loading Iframes. AdGlare now supports rotated and targeted Email Ads that you can use in your Newsletters. Go on an test it yourself!
New Ad Type: URL-Feed (see Campaigns / Websites)
With URL-Feeds the ad server will output a randomly targeted URL or JS code based on your advertiser's campaign settings. This ad type is ideal in case you want to use your ad server to feed pop-up/under pages.
Reports downloads to CSV (see Website/Campaign Reports)
You can now download statistical reports to an Excel CSV format.
Shockwave Flash Support (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Flash image banners are now supported in the Enterprise Edition.
Creative uploads by drag & drop (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Instead of providing the URL of a creative, you can now simply drop your file in the box and the CDN upload will start automatically.
Custom Ad Sizes (see Global Settings => Ad Sizes)
AdGlare comes with a list of popular ad sizes, like the Full Banner 468x60px size. You can now add your own ad sizes too.
Auto-Refresh Ads (see Websites & Zones)
Do you want to automatically reload the zone with another banner after X seconds? This feature let you do so, including a cap to avoid overexposure of a single zone.

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