AdGlare Software update (v2.90)

(29 months ago)
New Ad Type: Interstitials (see Campaigns / Websites)
Interstitial ads are full-page advertisements that are displayed before being automatically redirected to the publishers website.
New Ad Type: Floor Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
Floor Ads stay positioned at the bottom a website, even after scrolling.
Toggle Creative Previews (see Global Settings => Settings)
Sometimes you don't want to preview HTML5 or Flash banners for privacy reasons. You can now disable these previews for each creative type individually.
HTML5 Banner Deplacement (see Campaigns & Ads => Creatives)
For practical reasons, the HTML5 creative format has been re-positioned to the Banner Ad creative. With this creative type you can now configure image banners, flash banners and HTML5 banners all in one place.
External Reports (see Campaigns & Ads => Properties)
Do you have advertisers who want to view real-time statistics of their campaigns? You can now provide them a password-less report URL.
Crawler/Bot Filtering
Sometimes Google passes by multiple times a day. Likely, you don't want to count impressions or clicks made by those crawlers. AdGlare now filters them natively.
Native click tracking on HTML5 banners (see Campaigns & Ads => Creatives)
Opt to use AdGlare's algorithm to track click on HTML5 banners, or use your third-party's native click tracking algorithm.

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