AdGlare Software update (v3.00)

(29 months ago)
New Ad Type: Pop-Up/Under (see Campaigns / Websites)
This ad type displays the advertiser's campaign in a new tab as soon as a visitor clicks anywhere on the publisher's website.
Layout Makeover
Traditionally, a major new release comes with major changes. Likewise for the UI, which has been dramatically simplified for more intuitive navigation.
Live Monitoring
An extraordinary new feature (if you ask me!) that provides near real-time insight in what's happening inside your ad server.
Drag & Drop uploads for Checkout Portal (see Checkout Portal)
Your advertisers can now drop their banner directly in the form, rather than providing a banner URL. One obstacle less to make a successful sale ;)
Customizable subset for external reports (see Global Settings => External Reports)
You can now customize what you want to show to your advertisers.
Campaign Tiers (see Campaigns)
Especially for In-House or promotional campaigns: these are displayed only if a normal campaign cannot be found after targeting the visitor.

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