AdGlare Software update (v3.10)

(28 months ago)
Custom time spans for reports (see Reports)
Allows you to create a report over a custom-defined time span.
Responsive Ads
The Banner Ads format is now natively responsive. No need to adjust anything on your ad server.
Creative Breakdown (see Reports => Campaign Reports => Creative Breakdown)
See which creatives are performing better than others.
More geotargeting locations (see Campaigns => Geotargeting Rules)
Target campaigns by continent, country, region, city and US DMA. Also, locations can now be either targeted or excluded.
New Interstitial settings (see Zones => Interstitial zone)
The following options are added: 1) allow visitors to close the interstitial, but only after X seconds. 2) Wait for the timer to countdown until the creative is fully loaded.
New Pop-Up/Under settings (see Zones => Pop-Up/Under zone)
The following options are added: 1) Activate after viewing X pages. 2) Open in a small window instead of a full tab.

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