AdGlare Software update (v3.30)

(25 months ago)
New Ad Type: Lightboxes (see Campaigns / Zones)
Lightbox Ads are displayed in the center of the screen upon the first visit, optionally with a black semi-transparent background.
Reorganization of the Zones page
All zones are now displayed directly on the first page, ordered by foldable zone groups. You'll be saving 1 whole click and 100-500 ms waiting time to edit a zone. On a yearly basis, this saves you 547.5 seconds assuming that you edit 5 zones per day.
Live Preview of zones (see Zones => Invocation Code)
Test your zones in a live environment. Instead of adding the code to a test page and uploading it to your web server, you can now inject your invocation code directly into a HTML template. Easy!
In Delivery notification (see Campaigns)
On the Campaigns page, you can now see in the overview if a campaign is in delivery or not.
Reset Campaign statistical data (see Campaigns => Properties)
Did you perform some initial test runs on a campaign, and want to go live? Reset the number impressions, clicks, etc. as if it was a new campaign.
Display a campaign nowhere (see Campaigns => Display Network)
Can be useful for testing purposes.

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