AdGlare Software update (v3.40)

(24 months ago)
Relative Landing Pages (Campaigns => Creatives)
If you're running campaigns yourself, you may want to link to a page inside the website. With relative target URLs, you can now add the URL without specifying the domain.
Landing Page window (Campaigns => Creatives)
For promos or campaigns that link to a page on the same website, you can now indicate that the target URL should open in the same window or frame, instead of opening a new tab.
Iframe invocation codes (Zones => Invocation Code)
Improves loading performance and prevents DOM manipulation by third parties.
Campaign Duplication (Campaigns => New Campaign)
Duplicate a whole campaign, including its settings and associated creatives.
Creative Duplication (Campaigns => Creative => New Creative)
Duplicate a whole creative, including its settings and associated banners.
Pause a creative (Campaigns => Creative)
You can now set a creative on hold within a campaign.
Dynamic URL Macros (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
Allows you to pass on custom URL macros for your creatives. Additionally, built-in replacements like {rnd} are now available.
Zone refresh improvements for Banner Ads (Zones => Settings)
If you automatically refresh your zones after X seconds, this behavior has now been improved a bit. If only 2 campaigns are available, they will alternate instead of picking a random campaign. If only 1 campaign is available, the zone will not auto-refresh.
Report Builder (beta) (Reports => Report Builder)
A new type of reporting system that is currently offered as a beta-release. Feel free to send in your suggestions how you would like to see your reports being generated.
Gray Dummy for Banner Ads (Settings icon => Global Settings => Settings)
By default, a gray banner dummy is displayed if no targeted campaigns are available for a certain visitor. Instead of showing this dummy, you can now opt to not show anything instead.

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