AdGlare Software update (v3.50)

(23 months ago)
Server Time Zone (Settings icon => Settings)
Set the time zone of your ad server to match yours. This will influence how statistical data in reports is plotted over time.
Dayparting Time Zone (Campaigns => Frequency Capping)
Are you using the dayparting feature? Chances are that you were converting GMT+1 into your own time zone. You can now just select the time zone that should be applied to the schedule and the engine does the work for you.
Screen Size Targeting (Campaigns => Geek)
Applies to Banner Ads only. Target you campaigns by applying screen size constraints.
Android Market support (Campaigns => Creatives => Langing Page)
Landing pages starting with market:// are now supported. This allows you to send visitors directly to Android Market to download an app.

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