AdGlare Software update (v1.60)

(39 months ago)
Traffic Sources (see Campaign Reports)
When generating a campaign report, an additional tab has been added to produce a list of all traffic sources for a specific campaign.
Draggable Widgets! (see Server Dashboard)
One of our favourite new features: draggable widgets on the dashboard. Position them as you like in the grid.
Advertiser accounts (see Advertiser Profiles)
You can now assign an advertiser account to a campaign. This way you can manage campaigns of a single advertiser easier, and filter campaigns by advertiser.
Server Time (see bottom sidebar)
The Ad Server Time has now been placed at the bottom of the sidebar, so you can access it from virtually any page.
Sidebar search field (see top sidebar)
Just in case you'd like to find a page quickly, enter a keyword in the search field and the menu will be filtered accordingly as you type.

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