10 months ago

AdGlare Software update (v3.60)

URL Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns to certain keywords in the URL displayed on, like /categories/cars/audi
Advertiser Portal Permissions (Shopping cart icon => Portal Settings)
Allow your advertisers to edit campaigns and creatives via their Advertiser Portal.
WordPress Plug-in (Settings => WordPress Plug-in)
The WordPress Plug-in has been further developed to support all major ad formats.
New API Function (Settings => API Documentation)
You can now modify your creatives via the API. Method name: campaigns_creatives_modify
BBCode for Selling Plan Categories (Shopping cart icon => Selling Plans)
The category descriptions will now parse basic BBCodes.
Click Tracking Macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Geek)
Click Tracking macros for your third party ad tags (escaped and unescaped).
Responsive Lightbox Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
The Lightbox Ads have been made responsive to tablets and mobile devices (for creatives uploaded to AdGlare's CDN).
New Ad Format: SideBar Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
This new ad format floats at the right or left side of the screen.
Logo for Advertiser Portal (Shopping cart icon => Portal Settings)
You can now upload a branding logo that will be displayed in the menu of your advertiser accounts.
License Information (Comments icon => License Information)
Showing some basic details about your AdGlare license, along with your request usage.
Pause Selling Plans (Shopping cart icon => Selling Plans)
Sold an exclusive ad spot on your website? Pause its selling plan to avoid others from purchasing it.
Improvement Advertiser Portal
When your advertisers upload creatives, the image dimensions will be verified to make sure they are supported by the zone.