AdGlare Software update (v3.60)

(21 months ago)
URL Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns to certain keywords in the URL displayed on, like /categories/cars/audi
WordPress Plug-in (Settings => WordPress Plug-in)
The WordPress Plug-in has been further developed to support all major ad formats.
Click Tracking Macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Geek)
Click Tracking macros for your third party ad tags (escaped and unescaped).
Responsive Lightbox Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
The Lightbox Ads have been made responsive to tablets and mobile devices (for creatives uploaded to AdGlare's CDN).
New Ad Format: SideBar Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
This new ad format floats at the right or left side of the screen.
License Information (Comments icon => License Information)
Showing some basic details about your AdGlare license, along with your request usage.

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