AdGlare Software update (v3.70)

(20 months ago)
VAST 2.0/3.0/4.0 Video Campaigns (Campaigns / Zones)
AdGlare now supports VAST Video Campaigns, including non-linear and companion ads.
Domain Black/White-listing (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Prevent campaigns being displayed on certain domains. This setting has to be enabled via the flask icon on the Campaigns page.
Customizable campaign settings/sorting (Campaigns => [Flask icon])
A few customization settings have been added to the campaigns page, like sorting the list based on your preference.
Two-Factor Authentication improvements (Settings => Security Settings)
The way the software handles two-factor authentication has been improved, in addition to some layout adjustments.
Slider Ad Format (Campaigns / Zones)
The requested Slider Ad (Carousel) format has been implemented.
More granular Visitor Cap settings (Campaigns / Frequency Capping)
Allows you to configure 1 impression per 3 minutes. Or 56 per 7 hours. Or...
Financial Sections (Campaigns / Zones / Reports)
Calculates your eCPM, eCPC or total value of a zone or campaign. Activate via the flask-icon on the Campaigns/Zones page.
Traffic Pixels in Iframes (Campaigns => Creatives)
Indicate if you wish to load the impression/traffic pixels in an IMG element (default) or in an Iframe.

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