AdGlare Software update (v3.80)

(18 months ago)
Diagnostics Tool (Comments-icon => Diagnostics)
Is a campaign or zone not displayed correctly? Find out why by running this diagnostics tool.
Cookie Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Ideal for advertisers who have a database full of client information. More info on this page.
Zone Page Redesign
Zone groups are now listed in a folder-style, improving load performance and overall usability.
Zone Fill (Zones => Zone Fill)
This tab shows the campaigns currently assigned to a zone, including the creatives.
Nofollow support (Zones => Advanced)
Generate ads with rel="nofollow" links.
New Ad Format: JSON Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
Generate truly native ads using the JSON ad serving API. More info on this page.
Synchronous loading support (Zones => Invocation Code)
If you're serving third party ads from other ad servers who still (*sigh*...) use extremely slow document.write() code, AdGlare now supports them. Highly NOT recommended, as your website's performance will fully depend on the speed of your third party ad server.
Close button for Sidebar Ads (Zones)
Sidebar Ads can now be closed by the visitor. You can also configure a timeout after which the close button appears.
Received Orders changes
You can now change various order and invoice data on the Received Orders page.
Cookie Targeting settings
If you use cookie targeting, you can now indicate which decision the engine should take if a cookie has not been set.

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