4 months ago

AdGlare Software update (v3.90)

Localization Targeting (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
Ideal if you have multiple banners in different languages.
Tracking Pixels (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
This has been increased from 3 to 10 fields.
Is NULL for cookie targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
You can now indicate if a cookie rule should pass if the variable is not set at all.
CORS Headers
For JSON ads, Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers have been added.
New macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
Three more macros have been added: {zone_name}, {campaign_name} and {creative_name}
Custom campaign weights (Campaigns)
Instead of the 1-5 weight slider, you can now indicate a value between 1-100 yourself.
In-Banner Video Ad: some changes (Campaigns)
VAST tags are no longer uploaded to AdGlare's CDN, allowing for third party ad tracking.
New Ad Format: 3rd-Party Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
Regardless the type of ad, this format directly injects the (unmodified) third party ad tag into the browser.
CDN Visualization (Tool icon at the top right => CDN Visualization)
View all the creatives that you have on AdGlare's CDN on a single page.
Filter Campaign Status
To hide for example all campaigns with the status 'Completed'. See the page settings icon on the Campaigns page.
Advertiser Portal improvements
You can now set the main color of the portal (shopping-cart => Portal Settings). Additionally, the clicks and CTRs are added to the campaign overview page for your advertisers.