AdGlare Software update (v3.90)

(16 months ago)
Localization Targeting (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
Ideal if you have multiple banners in different languages.
Tracking Pixels (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
This has been increased from 3 to 10 fields.
Is NULL for cookie targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
You can now indicate if a cookie rule should pass if the variable is not set at all.
CORS Headers
For JSON ads, Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers have been added.
New macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
Three more macros have been added: {zone_name}, {campaign_name} and {creative_name}
Custom campaign weights (Campaigns)
Instead of the 1-5 weight slider, you can now indicate a value between 1-100 yourself.
In-Banner Video Ad: some changes (Campaigns)
VAST tags are no longer uploaded to AdGlare's CDN, allowing for third party ad tracking.
New Ad Format: 3rd-Party Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
Regardless the type of ad, this format directly injects the (unmodified) third party ad tag into the browser.
CDN Visualization (Tool icon at the top right => CDN Visualization)
View all the creatives that you have on AdGlare's CDN on a single page.
Filter Campaign Status
To hide for example all campaigns with the status 'Completed'. See the page settings icon on the Campaigns page.

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