AdGlare Software update (v4.00)

(15 months ago)
Conversion Tracking: Pixel & S2S (Campaigns => Conversions)
Track conversions by either implementing a conversion pixel or setting up a S2S Postback script. More info here.
JSON Ads returning all ads (Zones => Settings)
Indicate if the engines should return one ad or all possible ads in a single JSON request.
Webhooks (Settings => Webhooks)
When a zone or campaign is updated or deleted, AdGlare can call an endpoint at your side as a notification.
IP Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns to an IP address, or ranges of IP addresses. Can be enabled via the settings icon at the top right on the Campaigns page. Can also be used as an IP Blacklist.
JSON Ads: extra variable
The 'weight' variable is now passed in the JSON output. If you need more variables to be available, feel free to contact support.
Some Layout Changes
Since a considerable number of people were looking for it, the pages Ad Dimensions and External Reports have now been added directly to the menu of the Settings page.
Creative List Changes
The creative list is now searchable and sortable, and creative metric data has been added.
Non-Latin text support
HTML5 and Third Party ads can now contain non-Latin characters (usually used for comments).
JSON Ads: preferred order of campaigns
You can ask the engines to return a certain campaign first, based on its cID. See also here at the bottom of the page for the instructions.
Tracking Pixel Presets (settings icon on Campaigns page)
Tired of copy/pasting tracking pixel URLs? Create presets and select them when configuring your creative.
Block Creatives at Zone Level (Zones => Zone Fill)
Individual creatives can now be blocked at zone level. Note that it takes up to 1 minutes for engines to synchronize after making changes.

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