AdGlare Software update (v4.10)

(14 months ago)
HTML5 Zip File Uploads (Campaigns => Creatives)
Drop a ZIP Archive containing a HTML5 banner and then engines will run the advertisement in an iFrame.
Keyword Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Allows you to target campaigns based on keywords passed in the invocation code. More info here.
VAST Ads: skippable ads supported (Campaigns)
VAST tags for linear ads now support the skipoffset parameter.
Edge Browser Support
Includes automatic targeting of the Edge browser via the Targeting Rules tab, as well as recording of its metrics.
Customizable Campaign Tiers (Campaigns => Settings icon at the right => Campaign Tier Config)
Allows you to customize the names of the campaign tiers. The number of tiers has also been increased to 5.
Lazy-Loading of Zones (Zones => Settings)
This will load the zone when it appears in the browser's view-port. Only applies to the Banner Ad format. More info here.
Creative Upload Make-over (Campaigns => Creatives)
We worked the UI a bit to make adding and editing creatives even easier. Also, an upload progress-bar has been added.
Native Video Support (Campaigns => Creatives)
AdGlare now supports native HTML5 Videos as a creative. You can submit the MP4 video file, after which the engines generate a video player automatically. Works great on mobiles and tablets too.
CTR in report visualization (Reports => Campaign Reports => Statistics)
You can now plot the CTR over time, for a single campaign or for all campaigns grouped together.
Ad Dimension Filter (Zones => Settings)
Before, you had to indicate the zone's supported ad dimensions for Banner Ads and JSON Ads. By default, it will now accept all ad dimensions. This setting became an optional filter instead.
Auto-detection of creative dimensions (Campaigns => Creatives)
If you upload a new creative, its dimensions are auto-detected. No need to set this manually. Saves you another 2 seconds of precious time in this life ;)
VAST Linear Video Ad: update (Campaigns => Creatives)
The following configurable attributes have been added: scalable, maintainAspectRatio and bitrate.

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