AdGlare Software update (v4.20)

(11 months ago)
Instant Engine Synchronization
If you make changes to campaigns or zones, the engines are synchronized *instantly* now. Saves you another minute of time ;)
Delivery Goals (see Campaigns => Settings)
Indicate when a campaign should finish and the engines distribute impressions or clicks either evenly throughout the campaign or frontload by up to 25%.
Dashboard Make-over
The old not-so-interesting dashboard has been replaced by the Live Monitoring page and renamed to Live Insights.
Multi-Screen Tool
Allows you to efficiently switch screen tabs, instead of browsing back and forth. Enabled by default on monitors ≥ 1920px wide. Configurable via the Settings => Global Settings page.
VAST Video Tag Wrapper (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Play any VAST video tag as an advertisement. Works great as well inside Floor Ads, Interstitials, Sidebars, etc. Supports mobile devices too.
Always On Screen Ads (see Zones => Advanced / for Banner Ads only)
If the visitor scrolls a banner out of sight, you can now stick it somewhere in a corner of the screen. Works fine with videos too.
Campaign Folders (see Campaigns)
Organize your campaigns in folders to keep them well organized.
Favorites (see Campaigns / Zones)
Click the star icon in the list to stick those campaigns or zones to the top.
Bulk-upload countries for Geotargeting (see Campaigns / Targeting Rules)
Add all of your geotargeted countries at once. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3 codes.
UI Changes (see Campaigns / Zones)
The pagination has been revised, the table layout adjusted, column features have been added and there are now a few settings to increase your workflow. See the icon at the right on the Campaigns and Zones pages. More suggestions? We're eager to hear what we can do to let you work more efficiently.
YouTube Video Support (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Play any YouTube video as an advertisement. Works great as well inside Floor Ads, Interstitials, Sidebars, etc. Supports mobile devices too.
Mobiles/Tablets Usage
A fully responsive ad server portal on a tiny screen is not feasible, but we've made some changes to display the portal fine on mobiles and tablets now.
Additional Macros
A {width} and {height} macro have been added, substituting the indicated dimensions of your creative.
Impression density map (see Dashboard)
The impression density map on the dashboard shows when your engines served the most impressions. Data is taken from the last 30 days.
External Report Comments (see Campaigns => Properties)
Add a comment to an external report, which will be visible to the advertiser.
Creative Localization Blacklist (see Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
You can now create a localization blacklist (instead of a targeting list). Ideal if you wish to exclude only a few languages or countries.

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