AdGlare Software update (v4.30)

(9 months ago)
JSON Custom Key/Value Pairs (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Add custom key/value pairs to your JSON Ad creatives. They will be passed along in the JSON output when calling your endpoint.
JSON Custom Objects (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Upload images to AdGlare's CDN which can be used for building your JSON creatives.
Bulk-upload countries for Localization Targeting (see Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
Add all of your geotargeted countries at once. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3 codes.
Predefined Names (see Settings)
Define a default name for newly created campaigns, creatives and zones.
Search Results retained (see Campaigns/Zones => 3-dots)
The search results can now be retained when browsing between pages. Disabled by default though.
Zone Fill Make-over (see Zones => Zone Fill)
This tab now shows *all* creatives that can possibly shown in the zone.
New Ad Tag (see Zones => Ad Tags)
Dynamic JavaScript: allows you to call the ad tag via your own callback function.
Video upload to AdGlare's CDN for VAST campaigns
To mimimize dependencies, you can now upload the video ads to our CDN, instead of linking to an URL.
AdGlareCallback ( ) Function
AdGlare supports a JavaScript callback function which can pass on impression data of ads displayed on a page. More info here.
Debug Mode (see Help icon => Debug Mode)
Debug Mode allows you to get insights how AdGlare's engines select creatives that are eligible for display. It also shows you information about which zones are loaded on a page, and which campaigns are visible.
Advertiser Profiles update (see Settings => Advertiser Profiles)
When opening a profile, a new tab has been added with all campaigns running for that advertiser.
Database Exports (see Help icon => Database Exports)
Allows you to generate a list and download a CSV file containing data from your campaigns, zones and advertisers.
Auto-Archive Campaigns (see Settings => Global Settings)
Archived campaigns will not show up in the Reports section any longer, keeping things tidy.

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