AdGlare Software update (v4.40)

(7 months ago)
Alice (integrated throughout the software)
Alice contains a set of integrated 'smart' functions. She warns you when something was configured wrongly, or if a zone suddenly stopped displaying ads while it should have done. It also allows us to materialize the artificial intelligence engine we're working on. This AI engine will mainly be used to fine-tune the CTR optimization algorithm, and to forecast inventory availablity in the future. See a video here.
Fill Rate (see Dashboard)
The dashboard now shows your global fill rate: the percentage of ad requests that actually returned an advertisement.
Forecast Engine (see Dashboard)
Prediction of your future impressions based on historical data. Preliminary release.
Viewability Rate (see Dashboard)
As per industry standards, an impression is considered viewable when 50% of the pixels are visible for at least 1 second.
Tablet Detection
Tablet detection has been improved as per 2017 standards. The algorithm now detects the latest tablets from the last years.
Small Engines Improvements
New successfully introduces features over the last few editions have been rewritten and optimized. We're speaking about 10-20 ms gains (which is a lot at engine level!) - but you likely will not notice this in terms of ad serving speed.
Preliminary Feature: return highest CPM
Your ad serving engines can now return the ad with the highest CPM (after passing targeting rules). This feature has to be manually enabled upon request - contact AdGlare Support if you like to test this.
Zone Visitor Cap (see Zones => Frequency Caps)
In addition to the visitor cap at campaign level, you can now cap a complete zone for a certain visitor (regardless which ads were showing).
Direct Campaign Duplication (see 3-dots when a campaign has been opened)
Instead of going through the form, you can now duplicate a campaign with a single click (well... two clicks).
Show *ALL* campaigns/zones (see Campaigns / Zones)
Campaigns and zones are (usually) well organized in folders. Instead of going through each folder, you can now display all entries by clicking on 'Folders' in the menu at the left.
Bulk Changes (see Campaigns / Zones)
Allows you to mass-update campaigns, creatives or zones (like changing the status or removing the items).

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