AdGlare Software update (v4.50)

(5 months ago)
Reporting Section Make-Over (see Reports)
The Reporting section has been rewritten to include some of the most wanted reporting features that were missing. It also allows you to generate and save reports. You can still go back to the old reporting section (see the link at the right on the Reports page). The old reporting section will be deprecated in future releases - please contact us if you feel things are still missing.
Status Color Bar (see Campaigns / Creatives / Zones)
When editing a campaign, creative or zone, a bar at the left indicates the status (active, on hold, completed, archived) in its respective color.
Dynamic JavaScript tags for more ad types (see Zones / Ad Tags)
The dynamic JS tag is now available as well for Lightbox Ads, Interstitials, Floor Ads and Sidebar Ads.
Automatic click tracking on 3rd party ads
AdGlare now automatically detects clicks on 3rd party creatives of Banner Ads campaigns. You don't need to add a click macro any longer - it works out of the box. Note that this feature is preliminary and has *only* be implemented for Banner Ad campaigns (and not Lightboxes, Interstitials, 3rd Party Campaigns, etc).
Lat/Long Radius Targeting (see Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns based on the latitude/longitude coordinates of the visitor. For Native Ads (JSON) you can provide the coordinates in the URL.
Team Member Pings & Avatar (see avatar at the top right)
Ping your colleagues with short messages, right from AdGlare's portal. You can see who's online too. Useful for dont-forget-to-do-this-messages.
More Bulk Actions (see Campaigns / Zones)
Mass replace sub-strings in a name, or move the selection to a different folder.
Last entry opened: colored orange (see Campaigns / Zones)
If you open a campaign or zone and then go back to the list, the last campaign or zone opened will be colored orange. This way you can keep track 'where you were'.
Choose Ad Serving Domain (see Zones => Ad Tags)
If you have enabled the white-label, you can now choose your ad serving domain at the top right when generating ad tags.

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