AdGlare Software update (v2.00)

(38 months ago)
Internal Notes (see Network Websites and Manage Campaigns)
You can add an internal note to a campaign or a website.
New widget added (see Server Dashboard)
A new widget has been added to the dashboard, showing your global impression usage. This way you don't have to log into your AdGlare Customer Account to view your usage.
Updated invocation code (see Network Websites => Invocation Code)
The invocation code has been optimized and now contains a minimum amount of code. Backwards compatible with old invocation codes.
Multi-format zones (see Network Websites => Zones)
A wonderful suggestion of one of our clients! You can now indicate multiple ad formats for a zone. Now you can run, for example, a Medium Rectangle (300 x 250px) and a 3:1 Rectangle (300 x 100px) in the same zone, since they have the same width. A campaign with creatives that fit these formats will be chosen automatically.
IDs listed in overview (see Network Websites, Manage Campaigns and Advertiser Profiles)
For the sake of easier searching, you'll now see campaign, zone and advertiser IDs in the overviews on the respective pages.

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