AdGlare Software update (v4.60)

(2 months ago)
Lat/Long Radius Targeting at creative level (see Campaigns => Creatives => Targeting Rules)
The radius targeting feature has also been implemented for creatives now.
Conversion Tracking Improvements (see Campaigns => Conversions)
You can now set a Lookback Window, set your duplication policy and set a default conversion value. Conversions have also been added to the overviews on the page Campaigns and Creatives (see column icon at the right). See also the page Settings => Conversion Manager.
New Search Module with suggestions (see Campaigns / Zones)
Your latest search queries are remembered and suggested when opening the search box. Less typing, higher productivity.
Campaign Caps Improvement (see Campaigns / Frequency Caps)
Daily and hourly campaigns caps for clicks and conversions have been added.
JSON Ad Changes (see Zones)
A JSON Ad zone can now return all creatives in a campaign, and return multiple campaigns at once. You can now also manually store the impression by calling the URL in the imp_url variable.
Report Printing and PDF generation (see Reports)
Inside the graphical and table reports you'll now find a print button, redirecting an optimized version of the page (A4) for printing. If you have a print-to-PDF converter installed, you can generate a PDF as well.
Automatic click tracking on HTML5 Zip Ads and HTML Documents.
AdGlare now automatically detects clicks on HTML5 Zip Ads and HTML Documents creatives inside Banner Ads campaigns. You don't need to fiddle with the code - it works out of the box.
Banner Ads are now called Inline Media Ads
The banner ad format cannot only hold static image, but also play inline videos or HTML5 ads. The term 'banner ad' may therefore not represent the format well. We're now using the more general term 'inline media ad'.
URL-Targeting fields added
The URL-Targeting feature now supports up to 50 fields.
SSL-Compatibility detection 3rd party ads
SSL-Compatibility of 3rd party ad tags is now automatically detected. If non-compatible, those ads will only be displayed on http:// pages.

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