AdGlare Software update (v4.70)

(17 days ago)
Better Ads Standard Compliance (see Settings)
Google is likely to block intrusive ads in Chrome by early 2018. Enabling compliance to the Better Ads Standard will disable some ad formats and features.
Avoid Duplicate Banners (see Settings)
Prevent that the same banner is shown multiple times on a page. Use the zone's async JS ad tags for this to work properly.
Macros enabled by default
All supported macros are enabled by default. You no longer need to switch this on when editing a creative.
Ads loaded over SSL? (see Reports => Table Report)
In the table reports section you can now see if ads are loaded over SSL. This will tell you how these protocols influence CTR, viewability and conversions.
Hourly Data in Table Reports (see Reports => Table Report)
Hourly data has been added to both campaign and zone table reports.
Close Inline Media Ads (see Zones / details)
If set, visitors can close a banner via a close icon in the top right corner of the banner.
Appearance method for Inline Media Ads (see Zones / details)
Instead of drawing the ad directly on the page, you can now let the ad fade in, or slide up for example.
Auto-detection of ad unit sizes (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Ad unit sizes are now auto-detected for third party ad tags, if possible.

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