AdGlare Software update (v2.50)

(32 months ago)
Google AdSense Backfill (see Websites => Zones)
If no ads are available, AdGlare can backfill this zone with your own AdSense ads. Highly recommended to keep revenue flowing.
Financial Transactions (see Financial Transactions)
When incoming transactions from your advertisers are automatically processed, you can now see an overview of these transactions.
New campaign options (see Campaigns)
The start date can now be set to 'immediately', saving you the time to set current's date. Also, the end date (runs until) can be configured to 'never expire'.
Improved Help Doc (see Help Documentation)
The instructions on how to set up your CheckOut page has been simplified. You'll see the CNAME instructions directly in the help documentation.
Customization Requests (see Dashboard)
You can now send in your suggestions or customization requests directly from your ad server's dashboard, without the need to open up a ticket.
Security: auth info on websites (see Websites)
For your own information, the timestamp and IP address of the person who added the website is shown in the 'Properties' tab.
Internal notes for advertisers (see Advertisers)
Internal notes can now be added to an advertiser account.
Preview banners (see Campaigns)
Image banners are now previewed in the Creatives tab of a campaign. In case the banner is large (read: huge), it will be scaled down proportionally.

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