Modern ad server user interface

Intuitive & Modern UI

With a modern and highly intuitive user interface, you'll be ready for the years to come. Save time and money on training your employees how to use new software.
Keyword Targeting instructions for ad server

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting allows you to show certain campaigns only if a they match the keywords passed in the ad code. This powerful targeting feature can be used on in a wide range of cases.

Geotargeting ad server

Geotargeting up to City level

AdGlare comes with geotargeting by continent, country, region, city or DMA. Locations are determined by MaxMind's outstanding GeoIP databases.
Exclude countries ad server

Targeting Exclude Lists

Instead of targeting 87 different countries, use the Exclude List feature to configure your campaigns quicker. This will target all locations except those marked in red.

Browser targeting ad server

Browser & OS Targeting

AdGlare comes with built-in targeting of the most commonly used browser and operating systems. A good example why we're proud of AdGlare's intuitive user interface experience!
Visitor frequency caps ad server

Visitor Frequency Caps

Limit exposure of a campaign to the same visitor. These visitor frequency caps work, as you may expect in the year 2017, without cookies.

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Tracking Pixels ad server

Tracking Pixels

These pixels are fired every time your banner is shown. Useful for third-party logging. Both IMG and iFrame tags are supported.
Track conversions after serving ads

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions made by you visitors after clicking an ad. AdGlare supports Conversion Pixels as well as S2S Postbacks. AdGlare calculates your ROAS too.

Ad server API (application programming interface)

Integrated JSON API

Connect your AdGlare ad server to your own infrastructure using the API. Find the API Documentation inside your ad server portal. Secured by SSL, nonces and IP white-listing.
Campaign tiers or levels

Campaign Tiers

Campaign tiers allows you to prioritize important campaigns over normal ones. Ideal for exclusive offers. Using In-House ads, you always have something to serve to your audience.

AdGlare Live Monitoring ad server


Use dayparting to show campaigns only in the weekends, or between 10am and 6pm. Typing is obsolete. Create a schedule by dragging your mouse over the hours.
Custom ad server, white labeled

Dynamic URL Macros

AdGlare supports macros to dynamically change URLs or code by passing on custom key/value pairs. Additionally, it supports cache-buster macros and timestamps.

AdGlare Live Monitoring ad server

Live Monitoring

See what's happening inside your ad server in real-time. The Live Monitoring page shows the top 5 most used locations, browsers, languages, operating systems and devices.
Custom ad server, white labeled

Creative Customizations

For certain campaign types, like Lightbox Ads, AdGlare contains an intuitive built-in CSS editor. Style changes are propagated immediately - no need to edit any code.

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