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Cancel your AdGlare license

Written by Roy
Sep 26, 2020 • 2 min read
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PDF Version
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We'd hate to see you leaving, but nothing lasts forever. To cancel your license, please send an email to your account manager to have your ad server terminated. You can do so via the user icon at the top right (see video).

A few things you may want to know:
  • You'll receive a cancellation confirmation by email
  • Your license will remain active until the end of your monthly due date
  • No further charges on your card will be made

If for any reason you'd need an ad server in the future, it would be great to welcome you again. We'll keep a copy of your instance for 4 weeks, during which you can restore your ad server without data loss if you were to change your mind.

We write code every day to make AdGlare awesome. Our software isn't perfect, but we are maniacally focused on making it better! Please help us to understand why you canceled your license. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help to improve the product further. We promise to work hard to win you back as a customer.

Ps: Before you leave, you may also want to download the latest invoice PDFs via the page Settings arrow_forward License & Plan.

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