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Conversions: S2S Tracking

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AdGlare Ad Server

Conversion tracking allows you or your advertisers to track the effectiveness of a campaign, by logging the actions visitors have made after clicking an ad. Examples include signing up for an account, purchasing a product or downloading a file.

This article explains how you can track conversions via your ad server.

Conversion tracking can be enabled via the Conversions tab on the Campaigns page. See here below.

Server-to-server Conversion Tracking

Server-to-server tracking works by implementing a postback script at your (advertiser's) back-end. This script would ping AdGlare's endpoint with a unique identifier when a conversion has been made. Based on that identifier, the visitor and his click can be traced back and the conversion logged. If enabled, all Landing URLs of that campaign will get a key/value pair appended:

It's then up to you or the advertiser to store the received agcid variable somewhere (like in a database), and assign it to that specific visitor. The endpoint URL can be generated via your ad server portal on the page Settings arrow_forward Conversion Manager. You could consider to give each advertiser his own endpoint, and white-list the server's IP address accordingly.

When a conversion has been made, re-fetch the agcid variable from your database, and call the endpoint like in the following example:

If all is done correctly, the endpoint will respond with the word "OK" and a HTTP 200 status code.

Deduplicating Conversions

By default, a single unique agcid can be recorded only once. If the same agcid is send more than once, the endpoint will still response with "OK", but the second conversion is simply not logged. This behavior can be overriden via the Deduplication Policy when setting up the tracker.

Customizing the agcid variable name

The standard variable name "agcid" (AdGlare Conversion ID) can be renamed. You can do so when setting up the Tracker.

Measuring ROAS

AdGlare can calculate the Return On Ad Spend based on the total conversion value and the campaign spend. Calculating this metric is especially useful in case you're an advertiser. On the page Campaigns arrow_forward Conversions, enable 'Calculate ROAS' and enter the campaign spend (i.e. costs). Then, upon conversion, tell us the value of that conversion by appending the key/value pair &conv_value=*** to your Endpoint URL. Use a dot (.) to separate decimals. Example for a $100.50 conversion:


If you would like to discuss further technical details, feel free to contact us.

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