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Custom Formulas in your Reports

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AdGlare Ad Server

The most widely used metrics are already displayed in your reports, like impressions, clicks and CTR. You can however create new metrics based on standard metrics that have already been logged.

Let's go for an example. You want to add the conversion rate to your report tables. AdGlare already logs the number of clicks and conversions. Based on that data, we can calculate the conversion rate:

conversions / clicks * 100

How to create formulas

Standard operational calculus is supported: multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Nested operations are supported as well, going 4 levels deep. For example, to calculate the fill rate you can use:

filled / (filled + unfilled) * 100

The following metrics are available.
adrequestsNumber of ad requests
impressionsNumber of impressions
clicksNumber of clicks
conversionsNumber of conversions
conversion_valueThe conversion value
unfilledUnfilled ad requests (empty ad slot)
filledFilled ad requests
viewability_viewableNumber of viewable impressions
viewability_measurableImpressions of which viewability was measured
valueBased on the Pricing Model

Need more insights?

Even with these customizations, it can be that you need more data to get insights. Feel free to contact your AdGlare account manager to see what can be done to improve the report section further. Your feedback is highly appreciated sentiment_satisfied_alt

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