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Flight Dates, Quantity & Pacing

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AdGlare Ad Server

The flight dates of a campaign can be set on the Settings tab. This is also the place where you can set the booked number of impressions, and configure how fast the campaign should be delivered.

Start and end date

If the start date is in the future, the campaign will not start serving until time is due. With an end date, the campaign will be automatically set to "Completed" after that date, and it will no longer serve. If you wish to run a campaign forever, simply leave the end date blank. For more granular control, you can also indicate a time in the format HH:MM.


Your ad server's time zone is used to determine when a campaign should be served. To set the time zone, see the page Settings arrow_forward Global Settings.

Booked Quantity

You can set the maximum number of impressions or clicks the campaign can serve over time. For example, 50k impressions per day or 800k impressions in total.

Not that fast! Controlling the delivery speed...

By default, a campaign will serve as fast as possible. It will try to get every impression it can get its hands on. This behavior can be changed by spreading the number of impressions gradually over time. Note that this setting will only work, you must:

  • Set an End Date
  • Set the Booked Quantity
You can also choose to frontload: the campaign will try to deliver as much as 40% of its impressions in the first quarter. By deliberately getting ahead of schedule, you can minimize the risk of under-delivery.

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