Working at AdGlare

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Data Analysts

You'll be collecting data and performing statistical analysis to provide meaningful insights for both our product as well as for our customers. Knowledge of Python and a deep interest in machine learning algorithms is greatly appreciated.
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PHP Developers

Are you a PHP developer? With your coding skills you'll help to develop and improve the product, the APIs and AdGlare's front-end portal. Experience in building and maintaining distributed cloud software is a must. Your work will partly shape the future of the ad tech landscape.
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Marketing & Sales

You'll use a combination of phone, email and social media to help connecting prospective new customers. Indirectly, you'll be marketing AdGlare to other marketeers! Your daily job will be to talk to prospects, provide live demos and convert qualified leads into paying customers.
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Product UX

Usability and user experience is one of the most important pillars of AdGlare. You'll be evaluating the UI from a user's perspective and work in close collaboration with developers to improve the product further.
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You'll be working in 24/7 shifts to make sure AdGlare's infrastructure stays up and running. At least 3 years experience as a Linux system administrator is required.
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