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AdGlare comes with an ad format called HTTP 302 Redirect, which can be used as a click tracker. It doesn't only counts clicks. It also registers various metrics like the visitor's country, device type, browser, language and operating system. For that reason, the HTTP 302 Redirect ad format can be useful in situations where:
  • You want to get to know on which links people are clicking
  • You want to know how many times a PDF is downloaded
  • You want to register when a user clicks on a link inside an email campaign

Example: PDF Download Link

Let's take the example where you'd like to know how many times a PDF file is downloaded from your website. Imagine you have the following code on your page:
<a href=''>Download my e-book</a>

We're going to replace this link with a link generated by AdGlare in order to log all downloads.


1 Log in to your AdGlare portal, click Zones.
2 Add a new HTTP 302 Redirect Zone, give it a name and save it.
3 Click on the blue button at the top right to get the Ad Tag (which is a URL in this case).
4 On your page, replace the URL with this tracker URL.
Your code may now look like this: <a href=''>Download my e-book</a> We're now going to instruct your ad server to redirect all traffic to the original URL.
5 In your AdGlare portal, click Campaigns
6 Add a new HTTP 302 Redirect Campaign, give it a name and save it.
7 Browse to the tab Creatives and add a New Creative.
8 Give it a name. Use as a Landing URL the original URL where your PDF can be found.

Once done, we'll assign the campaign to the Zone we've just created:
8 Click the Display Network tab, and select the PDF Download Zone that you've created before.
9 Save the campaign and wait up to 1 minute.

Via the Reports page you can now track the number of times your visitors downloaded the PDF file. Note that the number of downloads is recorded as impressions.

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