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A white area in the sidebar of your website and as a consequence, a reduction of your ad income. Perhaps you're familiar with this problem. How do you make sure there's always an ad to serve?

The Cause

While your ad server may contain plenty of running campaigns, there are situations in which the ad serving engines are unable to display an ad for a certain visitor. Reasons for this are various. Let's sum up a few:
  • Geotargeting Rules. Imagine that 90% of your campaigns are targeted to USA visitors. Chances are that your non-USA traffic is running out of campaigns eligible for display.
  • Dayparting. Imagine your campaigns are set to be inactive during the weekends and nights. What do you serve at those times?
  • Uncommon Ad Sizes. You may have plenty of billboard and skycraper campaigns, but that 300 x 250 zone doesn't have a lot of campaigns assigned. Combine this with some targeting rules and you'll end up with an empty zone easily.

The Solution: In-House Campaigns

AdGlare comes with different tiers, or levels, to determine which ad to serve. One of those tiers is called In-House Campaigns, which is the lowest tier in the internal ranking system. Let me explain this with a few words:
Imagine you're serving all of your ads in the Normal Campaign tier. Now, if at a certain moment none of these ads can be served due to restrictions or targeting rules, AdGlare's engines will look in the lower tiers to see if a campaign can be found there. In other words, the In-House campaign will never be shown unless none of your normal campaigns are eligible for display.

Some Ideas

You may want to decide first what kind of campaigns you want to run as a last resort. Here are a few ideas:
  • AdSense Ads
  • An Advertise Here banner
  • Charity Ads
  • Third-party Network Ads

How to set this up

To show you In-House Campaign if nothing else is available, we have to add a campaign which:
  • Has no targeting rules
  • Runs day and night
  • Does not use frequency caps
  • Contains all possible ad units supported on your website
  • Is assigned to all zones on your website
Follow these steps to set up such a campaign:
1 Log in to your AdGlare portal and click Campaigns.
2 Add a new Inline Media Ad Campaign type, give it a name and save it.
3 On the Settings tab, set the Campaign Tier to In-House Campaign.
4 On the Creatives tab, upload the banners in possibly all different sizes that your zone supports.
5 By default, the campaign is available to anyone, at any time, in any supported zone. Just save it.

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