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Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping is a feature of your AdGlare ad server which allows you to set the maximum number of times a campaign is shown in a certain period of time. Capping can be done at campaign level or at visitor level. Upon reaching the set limit, ad serving of that particular campaign will stop for either a single visitor or for all visitors. One of the best arguments to set a frequency cap at visitor level is to minimize banner blindness.

With these caps you can:
  • Show a campaign a maximum of 10,000 times per day, regardless the visitor
  • Rate-limit campaign exposure to a certain visitor a maximum of 10 times per 3 hours

How to set this up

To set up Frequency Caps, browse to Campaigns => Frequency Caps. Here you'll find the settings to limit campaign exposure: Visitor Cap and Campaign Cap. See the screenshot here below.

Frequency Cap Behavior

Impressions of all creatives are counted toward the campaign's frequency cap settings. This applies to both the individual visitor cap and the global campaign cap. Here's an example:
  1. I've set a campaign cap of 10,000 impressions per hour on a campaign with creatives A and B.
  2. Creative A has got 3,000 impressions this hour and creative B 7,000.
  3. The campaign cap will hence be applied, and ad serving tarpitted until the next hour.

Note that hours caps run from xx:00:00 until xx:59:59 (i.e. a full calendar hour).

Campaign Status

Even if your campaign has been auto-paused due to the Campaign Cap, the status Active will be shown. There's no need to adjust the status manually. The campaign will auto-resume in the first minute of the new hour.

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