Dayparting: Show your ads only in week-ends

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Dayparting allows you to serve a campaign only during certain hours or days of the week. With these caps you can:
  • Show a campaign only between 7am and 9pms
  • Show a campaign every day, but not in the week-ends

How to set this up

To set up Dayparting, browse to Campaigns => Targeting Rules. Here you'll find a table with the hours and days of the week. To limit exposure of the campaign, click, hold and drag the mouse over the hours you want the campaign to display. See the screenshot here below.

Time Zone

By default, your ad server's time zone will be used as configured on the page Settings. However, if you're a publisher and your advertiser asked you to daypart the campaign according to his own timezone, you can do so by via the setting 'Schedule Timezone'.

Keep in mind that...

Even if your campaign has been auto-paused due to your Dayparting settings, the status Active will be shown. There's no need to adjust the status manually. The campaign will auto-resume as soon as it's eligible to show.

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