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Lazy-Loading Ads: Increase your CTR and zone Quality

Imagine the following scenario.
An ad is loaded at the bottom of the page, waiting for it to be seen to spread its message. If the visitor never scrolls down, the ad will never be seen. That's an incredible waste of impressions and resources. Moreover, it kills your CTR because you can be sure the impression will never result in a click, as it hasn't appeared in front of the visitor's eye.

Loading an ad below the fold is like placing a large billboard in the desert: nobody will see it.
A coder at AdGlare

The Solution

AdGlare's Lazy-Loading function loads the ads only when the zone becomes visible in the browser's viewport. Enabling this function for Banner Ads is highly recommended, regardless if you're an advertiser or a publisher.
  • Increases CTR significantly
  • Increases ROAS (for impression-based ad spends)
  • Increases the quality of the zone (if you're a publisher)

Questions and Answers

What browsers and versions are supported?
All current browser and versions, which covers about 99% of today's usage.

What happens if the zone's visibility cannot be determined?
Then the zone will load directly, as if Lazy-Loading was not enabled. This happens in <1% of the cases.

How do crawlers/bots load the ads?
That depends on the type of crawler/bot and its intelligence. Filter bots from your statistical data.

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