Lazy-Loading Ads: Increase Viewability

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AdGlare's Lazy-Loading function loads the ads only when the zone becomes visible in the browser's viewport. Enabling this function for Inline Media Ads is highly recommended, regardless if you're an advertiser or a publisher. If enabled, lazy-loading...
  • Increases CTR significantly
  • Increases your Viewability Rate
  • Increases the quality of the zone (if you're a publisher)
  • Loads the page faster, since ads are not (yet) downloaded

Lazy-Loading and Viewability

A viewable ad impression is determined as 50% visible for at least 1 second. If you enable lazy-loading, the ads are only loaded when the visitor scrolls down to the container holding the ad. At that moment the ad is loaded and the clock starts ticking in order for a viewable impression to be counted. In other words, enabling lazy-loading increases the chance that an impression is logged as viewable.

How to set this up

Go to the page Zones and open an Inline Media Ad zone. Click on the Advanced tab to enable this feature.

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