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This article describes the ins and outs when working with AdGlare, like how you can sign up to a paid license, how billing is handled, how requests are counted, etc. It's highly recommended to read and understand these fundamentals before deciding to convert to a paid license.

How to get your ad server installed

Ad server instances can be installed by yourself via the Pricing & Order page, which takes about 2 minutes of time. AdGlare offers two types of licenses:
  1. A free Community Edition license with a 1M monthly request limit and a branding logo of AdGlare on all banners. It only supports the standard banner ad format.
  2. A paid Enterprise Edition license, with a monthly request limit based on your plan chosen. Instances can be installed in one of our 5 data centers throughout the world.
If you opt for a paid license, you'll first get a fully functional 15-day trial. We'd ask you to test and use your trial until you're 99% satisfied. In order to get started serving ads, you may want to read the Instruction Manual.

How to convert to a paid license

If you're convinced by AdGlare's services and its performance, you can convert your trial into a paid license via your AdGlare Customer Account. Login details for your customer account are send to the email address used when placing your order. Since it's only your (administrative) license which changes, you will keep all of your campaigns, zones, statistical data, settings, etc.

How billing is handled

When signing up for a paid license, you're asked to add a credit card. All major card brands are supported, like Visa and Mastercard. Licenses are paid 1 month upfront: on your license's due date, an invoice is generated to cover the next month. Your card on file will then be automatically charged 2 days later. If needed, you can enable email notifications via your accounts settings to receive a PDF of the invoice by email. Your monthly cycle does not necessarily start on the 1st day of the month - it depends on the day when you subscribed to a paid license. Imagine you subscribe to a paid license on November 8th, you'll then receive your invoice on each 8th day of the month and your card will be charged on the 10th. All of AdGlare's services are pre-paid.

How requests are counted

Plans are based on request usage rather than impressions. A request is counted when an ad tag is loaded. This may or may not result in an impression: think about frequency caps, targeting rules, zone assignments, etc. If you always have a campaign to serve to any visitor at any time (see this article), you may indeed argue that requests == impressions. Let me explain the reason why plans are capped by request usage. Imagine that you have a high traffic website with visitors coming from all over the world. You only add 1 campaign to your ad server, targeted to visitors from Zimbabwe. The result would be that 99% of your visitors would not see any ad (no impressions). Meanwhile, you're "stressing" AdGlare's infrastructure by loading ad tags. To keep things honest, we have plans based on request usage rather than the number of impressions registered. Note that your monthly request cycle resets on your license's due date: if you're subscribed on November 8th, your request cycle is reset on the 8th of each month.

How to upgrade a plan

If your plan seems insufficient to cover your expected traffic, you can request an upgrade by contacting AdGlare Customer Support. Imagine you're currently on a 50M plan ($999) and you'd like to upgrade to a 100M plan ($1799). After upgrading, an invoice will be generated to cover the difference between the two plans: $800. Your card on file will be automatically charged 2 days later. It might also worth to mention in your ticket if you wish to keep your upgraded plan until further notice (default), or if you wish to be automatically downgraded when the next cycle starts.

How to cancel your license

Your ad server license can be canceled via your AdGlare Customer Account. We'd ask you to provide a brief explanation why you'd like to cancel. This information is used to improve the quality of our services. You may also want to consider removing your credit card on file. After cancelling, no further charges will/can be made to your card, and any unpaid invoice is waved.

How to get a refund

As per AdGlare's Terms of Service, paid invoices are non-refundable. You can cancel your license any time up to your license's due date. However, even if you cancel two weeks before your due date, no refund is offered for the time remaining.

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