Keeping Ads On The Screen After Scrolling

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AdGlare's Always On Screen function make sure that the ad sticks to a corner of the screen when it's scrolled out of view. By doing so, the ad remains visible and has a higher chance to be clicked. You can even play a video in the ad slot, and then automatically snap the video to the bottom right of the screen in a smaller size.

Live Example

Here's a live example of an ad that sticks around when you scroll it out of view.

In this example we've used a MP4 video, but static JPG/PNG banners are supported as well. You can add almost any type of creative to an Inline Media Ad campaign. Always On Screen will work with:
  • Third-Party Ad Tags
  • HTML5 Documents
  • ZIP Archives
  • MP4, WebM and Ogg Videos
  • VAST Tags
  • YouTube Videos

Fully Customizable

You can customize how the ad unit behaves visually:
  • Add a shadow around the unit
  • Add a close button
  • Appearance animation (slideIn, fadeIn, etc)
  • Auto-play, Video Controls, Loop Video
  • To which corner the ad unit should stick
  • Margin from the edges (in pixels)
  • The pixel offset (when the static ad unit starts to disappear)
  • The maximum width of the unit when in a corner (responsive)

How to set this up in AdGlare

Go to the page Zones and open an Inline Media Ad zone. Click on the Advanced tab and enable Always On Screen.

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