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With the latest build-in documentation for AdGlare.

Comparison: Revive Open Source Ad Server v.s. AdGlare

Tech ArticlePublished:
Comparison between Open Source Ad Servers and Hosted Ad Servers. An in-depth review of the pros and cons. Find out which is best for you.

Why is asynchronous ad loading so important?

Tech ArticlePublished:
Why is asynchronous ad loading so important? And why does AdGlare use it.

Native Ad Server via a JSON ad serving API

Native Ads have the same look and feel as the rest of the page's layout. Wondering how to make them? AdGlare's JSON ad serving API allows you to create native ads for websites or apps. Learn more here.

Conversions: S2S Tracking (Server-to-Server) or Pixels

Track conversions using S2S Tracking (Server-to-Server) or Conversion Pixels. Tutorial for AdGlare ad server.

Macros for Ad Serving

Learn about various built-in macros for ad serving, like cache-busters, passing on the page URL, campaign IDs, etc.

Bot Filtering: Remove Invalid Traffic from your Data

Understand why bot filtering is more needed than ever before. AdGlare Ad Server filters bot impressions and click automatically.

Lazy-Loading Ads: Increase Viewability

Lazy-Loading of ads increases your viewability, CTR, and the quality of the ad unit. Learn more here. Usage highly recommended.

AdGlareCallback ( ) Function

AdGlareCallback() is an alternative to tracking pixels. The engines will call your JavaScript function when an impression is made.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting is a powerful technique to match campaigns to certain keywords passed in the ad code. Tutorial for AdGlare ad server.

Mobile Responsive Ads

Responsive Mobile Ads: Generated automatically by AdGlare Ad Server.

Frequency Capping: Best Practices Guide (GDPR)

Frequency Capping limits the number of times an individual sees the same ad. This guide outlines the best practices. Important: use GDPR-compliant capping as per May 2018.

Dayparting: Show your ads only in week-ends

Dayparting allows you to show ads only during certain hours or days, like in the week-end. Get the instructions for AdGlare ad server here.

Video Ad Server with VAST Support

Good To KnowPublished:
Video Ad Server with VAST Support. AdGlare supports Linear/Non-Linear/Companion Ads, along with Ad Pods and Wrapper Redirects.

Service Essentials

Good To KnowPublished:
Learn how AdGlare works in terms of ad serving, billing, request usage, etc.

How to White Label your Ad Server

Good To KnowPublished:
White Label your Ad Server by using your own domains. Instructions for AdGlare ad server.

Free Customization Projects

Good To KnowPublished:
Private Projects - Two minds, single thought. AdGlare offers you private projects to create the ad server that you need.

Instruction Manual

Good To KnowPublished:
Getting started with your AdGlare ad server - step by step instructions how to set up your ad campaigns and zones.

AdGlare WordPress Plug-in

Good To KnowPublished:
Ad-Server WordPress Plug-in. Ad Manager especially developed for WordPress, in combination with AdGlare Ad Server.

Use AdGlare as a Click Tracker

Good To KnowPublished:
Click Tracker Software. AdGlare does more than only serving ads. It can also be configured to track your links.

Never Run out of Ads

Good To KnowPublished:
Never Run out of Ads, with AdGlare's In-House campaign types. Tutorial for AdGlare ad server.