AdGlare Release Notes

(2 months ago)

Version 5.30

Inventory Calendar
See at a glance which campaigns will start when in the upcoming months. Filterable by zone.
Suggested by: Andy, Kai, Barry
Key/Value Targeting (see Campaigns => Setting)
Target campaigns based on JavaScript variables or cookie variables found on the web page. For example, you can target a campaign to logged in members based on their cookie information.
Suggested by: Oleksandr
Cookie Macros
AdGlare can now read cookies of web pages and pass on their values to the Landing Page URL. See the macro documentation.
Suggested by: Oleksandr
Email Ads: Dimension Filter (see Zones => Settings)
The email ads can be filtered for a set of ad dimensions.
Suggested by: Derek
Email Ads: Yahoo support
Yahoo doesn't seem to like protocol-relative URL redirects when using their image proxy. This has been addressed in this version.
Suggested by: Derek
Improved Bot Detection for Inline Media Ads
As an additional layer of protection, we'll prevent bots from executing your ad serving scripts. You may see your CTR go up.
Ad Requests Reports (see Reports => Zone Table Reports)
The number of ad requests for each zone has been added to the table.
Suggested by: Casey
Campaign Reset via Bulk Actions (see Campaigns / Checkboxes)
You can now remove statistical data of a selection of campaigns at once.
Suggested by: Rosie
Watermark on banners (see Settings => Global Settings => Watermark)
Display a small text in the corner of Inline Media Ads to brand your ads.
Suggested by: Ariel
Creative Weights (see Campaigns => Creatives => Settings)
Inside a campaign you can prioritize creatives by increasing their weights.
Suggested by: Tony
Device Targeting at Creative Level (see Campaigns => Creatives => Targeting Rules)
You can now target creatives to certain devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
Suggested by: Kai
Support for Retina Images (@2x)
If you upload a retina image, we'll process it accordingly.
Suggested by: David
Frequency Caps for a few more campaigns (see Campaigns => Settings)
Frequency caps can now also be applied to Lightbox Ads, Sticky Ads, VAST Video Ads and HTTP 302 Redirects campaigns.
Suggested by: Tony, Casey
Frequency Caps for VAST and HTTP 302 Redirect zones (see Zones => Settings)
Frequency caps can now also be applied at zone level for these 2 zones.
Suggested by: Tony, Casey
Delivery Goal per day (see Campaigns => Settings)
If you have enough (targeted) traffic, you can set a daily delivery goal for a campaign to serve at least X impressions/clicks.
Suggested by: Catherine
(4 months ago)

Version 5.20

Pricing Model (see Campaigns => Setting)
You can set CPM/CPC values for each campaign. They will be used to calculate campaign cost and zone revenue in the reports.
Suggested by: Casey
VAST Wrapper Waterfalling (see Campaigns => Creatives)
A VAST creative can now hold up to 6 wrapper URLs. If the VAST player supports waterfalling, each of the URLs will be called in numeric order until a tag has been found that actually returns an ad. Use this if your third-party tags are restricted by targeting rules or frequency caps. Ideal for revenue optimization.
Suggested by: Casey
Non-Human Traffic (NHT) (see Reports)
In addition to bot filtering, AdGlare now records if an impression, click or conversion has been made by a human or a bot. This information can be found in the reports.
Suggested by: Kristine, Casey
Upload SSL Certificate (see Settings => Global Settings)
For white-label users, you can now upload/change your SSL certificate directly via the management portal. No need to send your certificates by email any longer.
Suggested by: Oli
Sticky Ads at the top of the page
The Floor Ad format has been renamed to Sticky Ads to make its name more generic. Additionally, you can now stick the ads to the top of the page (instead of the bottom).
Suggested by: Sam
Bulk-Change Creative URLs via Campaigns
The Landing URLs of creatives can now be changed in bulk (choose Bulk Actions from the bar after checking the campaign boxes).
Suggested by: Edo
Highlighted HTML/JavaScript Codes
If you're using third-party ad tags as creatives, their codes will now be highlighted for better readability.
Improved Live Traffic Graph
When you open a campaign or zone, you can now see the exact latitude/longitude of your delivery on a world map.
Proxy Settings (see Settings => Global Settings => Engine Config)
For geolocation mapping, indicate if you want to use the Proxy/VPN IP address or the original visitor's IP address (X-Forwarded-For).
Suggested by: Mishel, Andy
Downloadable Conversion Logs (see Settings => Conversion Manager)
The whole list of conversions can now be exported to a CSV file.
Suggested by: Edo
Ad Requests in Reports (see Dashboard / Reports)
You can now plot a graph of the number of ad requests over time. This metric has also been added to the dashboard.
Suggested by: Casey
Conversions: From => To URLs (see Settings => Conversion Manager)
For new conversions, you'll now see from which URL the converted user came, as well as the Landing URL.
Suggested by: Edo
(8 months ago)

Version 5.10

Screen Resolution Targeting (see Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Allows you to target campaigns to devices with a certain resolution.
Suggested by: Ariel
Nofollow Links enabled by default (see Zones => Advanced)
New zones will automatically have the "Nofollow Links" setting enabled.
Generate Reports of selected campaigns & zones (see Campaigns / Zones)
Check the boxes in front of the campaigns/zones and choose Reports from the black bar to generated a report based on your selection.
Search Engine Improvement (see Campaigns / Zones)
The search engine has been greatly improved to return more relevant results. We've also added a bit of machine learning (Naive Bayes classifier) to list the entries you're most likely looking for at the top of the page.
Frequency Caps GDPR Compliance (see Campaigns)
The frequency caps now work without storing any personally identifiable information (PII), unique IDs, cookies or IP addresses.
GDPR Compliance Tab (see Settings => GDPR Compliancy)
In order to help you becoming GDPR compliant, we've devoted a whole page regarding this topic.
JSONP Support for Native Ads
The engines will wrap the JSON response in your JavaScript callback function if requested in JSONP format.
Suggested by: Wolfgang
CloudFlare-proof Ad Tags
Inline Media Ad Zones can now generate an ad tag that prevents CloudFlare's RocketScript from modifying it. Use this tag if added to a website that uses CloudFlare.
Suggested by: Jonathan
Bulk-Change Creative URLs
The Landing URLs of HTTP 302 Redirect creatives can now be changed in bulk (choose Bulk Actions from the bar after checking the creative boxes).
Suggested by: Edo
Reports API
The JSON API allows you to fetch statistical data from your campaigns and zones.
Suggested by: Casey
White Label Ad Serving Domains (see Settings => Global Settings)
You can now apply/update your white label ad serving domains directly via the portal. No need to contact AdGlare Support any longer.
Responsive Email Ads
One of the last ad formats that wasn't responsive now is. Make sure to replace your old ad tags with the new ones that you'll find on the page Zones => Ad Tags.
(10 months ago)

Version 5.00

GDPR Compliance (see Settings => Main Configuration)
As per May 25th 2018, it's absolutely imperative that you aren't storing personal data from European citizens without their consent. AdGlare proactively enables IP address anonymization for EU visitors.
Security Improvement: Session Max Duration (see Settings => Security Settings)
Require re-authentication after a certain amount of time.
Responsiveness Policy (see Settings => Main Configuration)
Instead of making creatives auto-responsive on smaller screens, you can decide to make them ineligible for display.
Suggested by: Rene
Interstitial: delay counting an impression, custom CSS (see Zones / Interstitial)
An interstitial usually auto-closes after a couple of seconds. You can now indicate after how many seconds an impression should be counted. Additionally, you can also apply your own CSS styles to the interstitial.
Suggested by: Bobby
Zone Duplication (see Zones)
A zone can now be duplicated via the checkbox on the Zones page or via the 3-dots at the top right while viewing a zone.
Suggested by: Yuval
Live Traffic Creative (see Campaigns / Creative)
If you open a creative on the Campaigns page, you'll now see its live traffic over the last hour.
Suggested by: Bernd
Facebook Browser Support (see Reports)
Facebook Browser has been added to the list for detection, and will be reported accordingly on the Reports page.
Suggested by: Dave
Creative Duplication (see Campaigns / details)
A creative can now be duplicated using the checkbox on the creatives overview tab, or via the 3-dots when a creative has been opened.
Suggested by: Bernd
Geotargeting presets (see Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Geotargeting lists can be stored as a preset and re-opened again. See the 3-dots.
Suggested by: Karen
Bigger IP Targeting list (see Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
The maximum list size has been increased from 4KB to 20KB. Usage of CIDR notations are recommended to gain performance and to keep the list size small.
Suggested by: Jeff
Page Shares with Team Members (see Campaigns / Zones / Reports - 3 dots, when viewing details)
You can now easily share the page you're looking at with a team member, provided he/she is logged in to the portal as well.
Suggested by: Bernd
Clear Dayparting Schedule (see Campaigns / details)
A filled-out dayparting schedule on the Targeting Rules tab can now be cleared via the button at the right.
Suggested by: Marco
Bulk Actions (see Campaigns => Creatives)
The Landing URLs of creatives can be changed all at once via the checkboxes on the creatives tab (choose Bulk Actions from the bar).
Suggested by: Harry
(12 months ago)

Version 4.90

Async ad tags for Direct Inject zones.
Since document.write() will likely be blocked completely in future versions of Chrome, we went ahead to offer async tags for Direct Inject zones.
Suggested by: Brandon, Massimo
Click Pixel Trackers (see Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
You already had the opportunity to fire your own pixel when a creatives loads. You can now also fire a pixel when a user actually clicks on the creative.
Suggested by: Michael, Svenja
Transition from served impressions to downloaded impressions
As per old industry standards, impressions were counted as soon as the ad server had sent instructions to publisher's website to create the ad. The Media Rating Counsil (MRC), in conjunction with the IAB, suggests an industry-wide transition to count impressions when the ad starts to load. In order to minimize discrepancies with third parties, AdGlare already went ahead and adopted this new standard of counting impressions.
Impression/Click Pixels for Native Ads
This data is now passed along in the JSON output when requesting a native ad.
Suggested by: Laura
Search Improvement (see Campaigns / Zones)
When you search for a campaign or zone, Alice will try to predict what you're looking for and mark the table entry accordingly.
Advertiser Name in Campaign columns (see Campaigns)
You can now list the Advertiser Name of all campaigns by creating your own column profile via the icon at the top right.
Callback Logs for S2S Conversion Trackers (see Settings => Conversion Manager)
The logs shows you each callback on your endpoint URL, and indicates if the conversion has been logged successfully. Useful for troubleshooting.
Suggested by: Zack
Debug Mode for Live Previews (see Zones => Ad Tags => Live Preview)
Debug mode is automatically enabled when viewing the ad tags via the Live Preview tool.
Sort Folders Alphabetically (see Campaigns / Zones)
In addition to sorting the folders manually, you'll now have the option to sort it alphabetically as well.
Suggested by: Marco
(15 months ago)

Version 4.80

URL-Feed renamed to HTTP 302 Redirect
For a better understanding what this ad format is about, the URL-Feed format has been renamed to HTTP 302 Redirect.
Alice available from one place
Alice, containing a set of smart functions, has been relocated and fixed to the bottom of the screen. It will inform you when making misconfigurations. Or if your creative is not SSL-Compatible. Or if an Ad Unit Size has been preselected.
URL Targeting simplified
The URL Targeting feature has been simplified in terms of UI.
JSON Native Ads: increased payload
You can now add up to 50 key/value pairs to your JSON response to generate the ad.
Suggested by: Daniel
Campaign Duplication
Duplicate campaigns via the omnibar when selecting one or more campaigns on the overview page.
Suggested by: Bernd
Preview Landing URL
When you edit a creative, you can now open the Landing URL by clicking the external link icon at the right.
Conversions: Click Lookback Window increased (see Settings => Conversion Manager)
The Click Lookback Window has been increased from 30 to 365 days for conversion trackers.
Conversions: Custom agcid name (see Settings => Conversion Manager)
Instead of using the &agcid=... tracking parameter, you can now define your own.
Suggested by: Daniel
Documentation Viewer & Support (see Book-icon at the bottom right)
The documentation has been built-in now, and you can directly contact AdGlare support from within that documentation box.
Totals in Reports (see Reports => Table Report)
The totals of each metric are now displayed at the bottom of the table.
Suggested by: Bernd
VAST Live Preview (see Zones => Ad Tag)
Instead of displaying the raw XML code, you'll now be redirected to Google's VAST inspector.
Suggested by: Luong
Viewability Rate (see Campaigns / details)
The viewability rate has been added as a metric on the Settings tab when viewing a campaign.
Edit JSON Object name (see Campaigns / Native Ad (JSON) creative)
After uploading a JSON object like an image, you can now edit the name of that object.
Suggested by: Daniel
JSON key/value pair presets (see Campaigns / Native Ad (JSON) creative)
Instead of writing the same keys all over again, save the list and reload it from a preset.
Suggested by: Daniel
DFP Ad Tag (see Zones => Ad Tag)
AdGlare now generates ad tags created especially for DFP, which already includes the necessary macros. Just copy/paste the tag into DFP.
Suggested by: Svenja
Last Week in Reports (see Reports)
You can now select the last week as a time-frame when generating reports.
Suggested by: Jake
Third-Party Ad renamed
The Third-Party Ad format has been renamed to Direct Inject, in order to avoid confusion with third-party ad tag creatives of Inline Media Ads.
(17 months ago)

Version 4.70

Better Ads Standard Compliance (see Settings)
Google is likely to block intrusive ads in Chrome by early 2018. Enabling compliance with the Better Ads Standard will disable some ad formats and features.
Avoid Duplicate Banners (see Settings)
Prevent that the same banner is shown multiple times on a page. Use the zone's async JS ad tags for this to work properly.
Macros enabled by default
All supported macros are enabled by default. You no longer need to switch this on when editing a creative.
Ads loaded over SSL? (see Reports => Table Report)
In the table reports section, you can now see if ads are loaded over SSL. This will tell you how these protocols influence CTR, viewability, and conversions.
Hourly Data in Table Reports (see Reports => Table Report)
Hourly data has been added to both campaign and zone table reports.
Close Inline Media Ads (see Zones / details)
If set, visitors can close a banner via a close icon in the top right corner of the banner.
Appearance method for Inline Media Ads (see Zones / details)
Instead of drawing the ad directly on the page, you can now let the ad fade in, or slide up for example.
Auto-detection of ad unit sizes (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Ad unit sizes are now auto-detected for third-party ad tags, if possible.
(20 months ago)

Version 4.60

Lat/Long Radius Targeting at creative level (see Campaigns => Creatives => Targeting Rules)
The radius targeting feature has also been implemented for creatives now.
Conversion Tracking Improvements (see Campaigns => Conversions)
You can now set a Lookback Window, set your duplication policy and set a default conversion value. Conversions have also been added to the overviews on the page Campaigns and Creatives (see column icon at the right). See also the page Settings => Conversion Manager.
New Search Module with suggestions (see Campaigns / Zones)
Your latest search queries are remembered and suggested when opening the search box. Less typing, higher productivity.
Campaign Caps Improvement (see Campaigns / Frequency Caps)
Daily and hourly campaigns caps for clicks and conversions have been added.
JSON Ad Changes (see Zones)
A JSON Ad zone can now return all creatives in a campaign and return multiple campaigns at once. You can now also manually store the impression by calling the URL in the imp_url variable.
Report Printing and PDF generation (see Reports)
Inside the graphical and table reports you'll now find a print button, redirecting an optimized version of the page (A4) for printing. If you have a print-to-PDF converter installed, you can generate a PDF as well.
Automatic click tracking on HTML5 Zip Ads and HTML Documents.
AdGlare now automatically detects clicks on HTML5 Zip Ads and HTML Documents creatives inside Banner Ads campaigns. You don't need to fiddle with the code - it works out of the box.
Banner Ads are now called Inline Media Ads
The banner ad format cannot only hold static images, but also play inline videos or HTML5 ads. The term 'banner ad' may therefore not represent the format well. We're now using the more general term 'inline media ad'.
URL-Targeting fields added
The URL-Targeting feature now supports up to 50 fields.
SSL-Compatibility detection 3rd party ads
SSL-Compatibility of 3rd party ad tags is now automatically detected. If non-compatible, those ads will only be displayed on http:// pages.
(22 months ago)

Version 4.50

Reporting Section Make-Over (see Reports)
The Reporting section has been rewritten to include some of the most wanted reporting features that were missing. It also allows you to generate and save reports. You can still go back to the old reporting section (see the link at the right on the Reports page). The old reporting section will be deprecated in future releases - please contact us if you feel things are still missing.
Status Color Bar (see Campaigns / Creatives / Zones)
When editing a campaign, creative or zone, a bar at the left indicates the status (active, on hold, completed, archived) in its respective color.
Dynamic JavaScript tags for more ad types (see Zones / Ad Tags)
The dynamic JS tag is now available as well for Lightbox Ads, Interstitials, Floor Ads and Sidebar Ads.
Automatic click tracking on 3rd party ads
AdGlare now automatically detects clicks on 3rd party creatives of Banner Ads campaigns. You don't need to add a click macro any longer - it works out of the box. Note that this feature is preliminary and has *only* be implemented for Banner Ad campaigns (and not Lightboxes, Interstitials, 3rd Party Campaigns, etc).
Lat/Long Radius Targeting (see Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns based on the latitude/longitude coordinates of the visitor. For Native Ads (JSON) you can provide the coordinates in the URL.
Team Member Pings & Avatar (see avatar at the top right)
Ping your colleagues with short messages, right from AdGlare's portal. You can see who's online too. Useful for dont-forget-to-do-this-messages.
More Bulk Actions (see Campaigns / Zones)
Mass replace sub-strings in a name, or move the selection to a different folder.
Last entry opened: colored orange (see Campaigns / Zones)
If you open a campaign or zone and then go back to the list, the last campaign or zone opened will be colored orange. This way you can keep track 'where you were'.
Choose Ad Serving Domain (see Zones => Ad Tags)
If you have enabled the white-label, you can now choose your ad serving domain at the top right when generating ad tags.
(25 months ago)

Version 4.40

Alice (integrated throughout the software)
Alice contains a set of integrated 'smart' functions. She warns you when something was configured incorrectly, or if a zone suddenly stopped displaying ads while it should have done. It also allows us to materialize the artificial intelligence engine we're working on. This AI engine will mainly be used to fine-tune the CTR optimization algorithm, and to forecast inventory availability in the future.
Fill Rate (see Dashboard)
The dashboard now shows your global fill rate: the percentage of ad requests that actually returned an advertisement.
Forecast Engine (see Dashboard)
Prediction of your future impressions based on historical data. Preliminary release.
Viewability Rate (see Dashboard)
As per industry standards, an impression is considered viewable when 50% of the pixels are visible for at least 1 second.
Tablet Detection
Tablet detection has been improved as per 2017 standards. The algorithm now detects the latest tablets from the last years.
Small Engines Improvements
New successfully introduces features over the last few editions have been rewritten and optimized. We're speaking about 10-20 ms gains (which is a lot at engine level!) - but you likely will not notice this in terms of ad serving speed.
Preliminary Feature: return highest CPM
Your ad serving engines can now return the ad with the highest CPM (after passing targeting rules). This feature has to be manually enabled upon request - contact AdGlare Support if you like to test this.
Zone Visitor Cap (see Zones => Frequency Caps)
In addition to the visitor cap at campaign level, you can now cap a complete zone for a certain visitor (regardless which ads were showing).
Direct Campaign Duplication (see 3-dots when a campaign has been opened)
Instead of going through the form, you can now duplicate a campaign with a single click (well... two clicks).
Show *ALL* campaigns/zones (see Campaigns / Zones)
Campaigns and zones are (usually) well organized in folders. Instead of going through each folder, you can now display all entries by clicking on 'Folders' in the menu at the left.
Bulk Changes (see Campaigns / Zones)
Allows you to mass-update campaigns, creatives or zones (like changing the status or removing the items).
(26 months ago)

Version 4.30

JSON Custom Key/Value Pairs (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Add custom key/value pairs to your JSON Ad creatives. They will be passed along in the JSON output when calling your endpoint.
JSON Custom Objects (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Upload images to AdGlare's CDN which can be used for building your JSON creatives.
Bulk-upload countries for Localization Targeting (see Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
Add all of your geotargeted countries at once. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3 codes.
Predefined Names (see Settings)
Define a default name for newly created campaigns, creatives and zones.
Search Results retained (see Campaigns/Zones => 3-dots)
The search results can now be retained when browsing between pages. Disabled by default though.
Zone Fill Make-over (see Zones => Zone Fill)
This tab now shows *all* creatives that can possibly shown in the zone.
New Ad Tag (see Zones => Ad Tags)
Dynamic JavaScript: allows you to call the ad tag via your own callback function.
Video upload to AdGlare's CDN for VAST campaigns
To mimimize dependencies, you can now upload the video ads to our CDN, instead of linking to an URL.
AdGlareCallback ( ) Function
AdGlare supports a JavaScript callback function which can pass on impression data of ads displayed on a page.
Debug Mode (see Help icon => Debug Mode)
Debug Mode allows you to get insights how AdGlare's engines select creatives that are eligible for display. It also shows you information about which zones are loaded on a page, and which campaigns are visible.
Advertiser Profiles update (see Settings => Advertiser Profiles)
When opening a profile, a new tab has been added with all campaigns running for that advertiser.
Database Exports (see Help icon => Database Exports)
Allows you to generate a list and download a CSV file containing data from your campaigns, zones and advertisers.
Auto-Archive Campaigns (see Settings => Global Settings)
Archived campaigns will not show up in the Reports section any longer, keeping things tidy.
(28 months ago)

Version 4.20

Instant Engine Synchronization
If you make changes to campaigns or zones, the engines are synchronized *instantly* now. Saves you another minute of time ;)
Delivery Goals (see Campaigns => Settings)
Indicate when a campaign should finish and the engines distribute impressions or clicks either evenly throughout the campaign or frontload by up to 25%.
Dashboard Make-over
The old not-so-interesting dashboard has been replaced by the Live Monitoring page and renamed to Live Insights.
Multi-Screen Tool
Allows you to efficiently switch screen tabs, instead of browsing back and forth. Enabled by default on monitors ? 1920px wide. Configurable via the Settings => Global Settings page.
VAST Video Tag Wrapper (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Play any VAST video tag as an advertisement. Works great as well inside Floor Ads, Interstitials, Sidebars, etc. Supports mobile devices too.
Always On Screen Ads (see Zones => Advanced / for Banner Ads only)
If the visitor scrolls a banner out of sight, you can now stick it somewhere in a corner of the screen. Works fine with videos too.
Campaign Folders (see Campaigns)
Organize your campaigns in folders to keep them well organized.
Favorites (see Campaigns / Zones)
Click the star icon in the list to stick those campaigns or zones to the top.
Bulk-upload countries for Geotargeting (see Campaigns / Targeting Rules)
Add all of your geotargeted countries at once. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3 codes.
UI Changes (see Campaigns / Zones)
The pagination has been revised, the table layout adjusted, column features have been added and there are now a few settings to increase your workflow. See the icon at the right on the Campaigns and Zones pages. More suggestions? We're eager to hear what we can do to let you work more efficiently.
YouTube Video Support (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Play any YouTube video as an advertisement. Works great as well inside Floor Ads, Interstitials, Sidebars, etc. Supports mobile devices too.
Mobiles/Tablets Usage
A fully responsive ad server portal on a tiny screen is not feasible, but we've made some changes to display the portal fine on mobiles and tablets now.
Additional Macros
A {width} and {height} macro have been added, substituting the indicated dimensions of your creative.
Impression density map (see Dashboard)
The impression density map on the dashboard shows when your engines served the most impressions. Data is taken from the last 30 days.
External Report Comments (see Campaigns => Properties)
Add a comment to an external report, which will be visible to the advertiser.
Creative Localization Blacklist (see Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
You can now create a localization blacklist (instead of a targeting list). Ideal if you wish to exclude only a few languages or countries.
(31 months ago)

Version 4.10

HTML5 Zip File Uploads (Campaigns => Creatives)
Drop a ZIP Archive containing a HTML5 banner and then engines will run the advertisement in an iFrame.
Keyword Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Allows you to target campaigns based on keywords passed in the invocation code.
VAST Ads: skippable ads supported (Campaigns)
VAST tags for linear ads now support the skipoffset parameter.
Edge Browser Support
Includes automatic targeting of the Edge browser via the Targeting Rules tab, as well as recording of its metrics.
Customizable Campaign Tiers (Campaigns => Settings icon at the right => Campaign Tier Config)
Allows you to customize the names of the campaign tiers. The number of tiers has also been increased to 5.
Lazy-Loading of Zones (Zones => Settings)
This will load the zone when it appears in the browser's view-port. Only applies to the Banner Ad format.
Creative Upload Make-over (Campaigns => Creatives)
We worked the UI a bit to make adding and editing creatives even easier. Also, an upload progress-bar has been added.
Native Video Support (Campaigns => Creatives)
AdGlare now supports native HTML5 Videos as a creative. You can submit the MP4 video file, after which the engines generate a video player automatically. Works great on mobiles and tablets too.
CTR in report visualization (Reports => Campaign Reports => Statistics)
You can now plot the CTR over time, for a single campaign or for all campaigns grouped together.
Ad Dimension Filter (Zones => Settings)
Before, you had to indicate the zone's supported ad dimensions for Banner Ads and JSON Ads. By default, it will now accept all ad dimensions. This setting became an optional filter instead.
Auto-detection of creative dimensions (Campaigns => Creatives)
If you upload a new creative, its dimensions are auto-detected. No need to set this manually. Saves you another 2 seconds of precious time in this life ;)
VAST Linear Video Ad: update (Campaigns => Creatives)
The following configurable attributes have been added: scalable, maintainAspectRatio and bitrate.
(32 months ago)

Version 4.00

Conversion Tracking: Pixel & S2S (Campaigns => Conversions)
Track conversions by either implementing a conversion pixel or setting up a S2S Postback script.
JSON Ads returning all ads (Zones => Settings)
Indicate if the engines should return one ad or all possible ads in a single JSON request.
Webhooks (Settings => Webhooks)
When a zone or campaign is updated or deleted, AdGlare can call an endpoint at your side as a notification.
IP Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns to an IP address, or ranges of IP addresses. Can be enabled via the settings icon at the top right on the Campaigns page. Can also be used as an IP Blacklist.
JSON Ads: extra variable
The 'weight' variable is now passed in the JSON output. If you need more variables to be available, feel free to contact support.
Some Layout Changes
Since a considerable number of people were looking for it, the pages Ad Dimensions and External Reports have now been added directly to the menu of the Settings page.
Creative List Changes
The creative list is now searchable and sortable, and creative metric data has been added.
Non-Latin text support
HTML5 and Third Party ads can now contain non-Latin characters (usually used for comments).
JSON Ads: preferred order of campaigns
You can ask the engines to return a certain campaign first, based on its cID.
Tracking Pixel Presets (settings icon on Campaigns page)
Tired of copy/pasting tracking pixel URLs? Create presets and select them when configuring your creative.
Block Creatives at Zone Level (Zones => Zone Fill)
Individual creatives can now be blocked at zone level. Note that it takes up to 1 minutes for engines to synchronize after making changes.
(33 months ago)

Version 3.90

Localization Targeting (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
Ideal if you have multiple banners in different languages.
Tracking Pixels (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
This has been increased from 3 to 10 fields.
Is NULL for cookie targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
You can now indicate if a cookie rule should pass if the variable is not set at all.
CORS Headers
For JSON ads, Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers have been added.
New macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Advanced)
Three more macros have been added: {zone_name}, {campaign_name} and {creative_name}
Custom campaign weights (Campaigns)
Instead of the 1-5 weight slider, you can now indicate a value between 1-100 yourself.
In-Banner Video Ad: some changes (Campaigns)
VAST tags are no longer uploaded to AdGlare's CDN, allowing for third party ad tracking.
New Ad Format: 3rd-Party Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
Regardless the type of ad, this format directly injects the (unmodified) third party ad tag into the browser.
CDN Visualization (Tool icon at the top right => CDN Visualization)
View all the creatives that you have on AdGlare's CDN on a single page.
Filter Campaign Status
To hide for example all campaigns with the status 'Completed'. See the page settings icon on the Campaigns page.
(35 months ago)

Version 3.80

Diagnostics Tool (Comments-icon => Diagnostics)
Is a campaign or zone not displayed correctly? Find out why by running this diagnostics tool.
Cookie Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Ideal for advertisers who have a database full of client information.
Zone Page Redesign
Zone groups are now listed in a folder-style, improving load performance and overall usability.
Zone Fill (Zones => Zone Fill)
This tab shows the campaigns currently assigned to a zone, including the creatives.
Nofollow support (Zones => Advanced)
Generate ads with rel="nofollow" links.
New Ad Format: JSON Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
Generate truly native ads using the JSON ad serving API.
Synchronous loading support (Zones => Invocation Code)
If you're serving third party ads from other ad servers who still (*sigh*...) use extremely slow document.write() code, AdGlare now supports them. Highly NOT recommended, as your website's performance will fully depend on the speed of your third party ad server.
Close button for Sidebar Ads (Zones)
Sidebar Ads can now be closed by the visitor. You can also configure a timeout after which the close button appears.
Received Orders changes
You can now change various order and invoice data on the Received Orders page.
Cookie Targeting settings
If you use cookie targeting, you can now indicate which decision the engine should take if a cookie has not been set.
(38 months ago)

Version 3.70

VAST 2.0/3.0/4.0 Video Campaigns (Campaigns / Zones)
AdGlare now supports VAST Video Campaigns, including non-linear and companion ads.
Domain Black/White-listing (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Prevent campaigns being displayed on certain domains. This setting has to be enabled via the flask icon on the Campaigns page.
Customizable campaign settings/sorting (Campaigns => [Flask icon])
A few customization settings have been added to the campaigns page, like sorting the list based on your preference.
Two-Factor Authentication improvements (Settings => Security Settings)
The way the software handles two-factor authentication has been improved, in addition to some layout adjustments.
Slider Ad Format (Campaigns / Zones)
The requested Slider Ad (Carousel) format has been implemented.
More granular Visitor Cap settings (Campaigns / Frequency Capping)
Allows you to configure 1 impression per 3 minutes. Or 56 per 7 hours. Or...
Financial Sections (Campaigns / Zones / Reports)
Calculates your eCPM, eCPC or total value of a zone or campaign. Activate via the flask-icon on the Campaigns/Zones page.
Traffic Pixels in Iframes (Campaigns => Creatives)
Indicate if you wish to load the impression/traffic pixels in an IMG element (default) or in an Iframe.
(39 months ago)

Version 3.60

URL Targeting (Campaigns => Targeting Rules)
Target campaigns to certain keywords in the URL displayed on, like /categories/cars/audi
WordPress Plug-in (Settings => WordPress Plug-in)
The WordPress Plug-in has been further developed to support all major ad formats.
Click Tracking Macros (Campaigns => Creatives => Geek)
Click Tracking macros for your third party ad tags (escaped and unescaped).
Responsive Lightbox Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
The Lightbox Ads have been made responsive to tablets and mobile devices (for creatives uploaded to AdGlare's CDN).
New Ad Format: SideBar Ads (Campaigns / Zones)
This new ad format floats at the right or left side of the screen.
License Information (Comments icon => License Information)
Showing some basic details about your AdGlare license, along with your request usage.
(40 months ago)

Version 3.50

Server Time Zone (Settings icon => Settings)
Set the time zone of your ad server to match yours. This will influence how statistical data in reports is plotted over time.
Dayparting Time Zone (Campaigns => Frequency Capping)
Are you using the dayparting feature? Chances are that you were converting GMT+1 into your own time zone. You can now just select the time zone that should be applied to the schedule and the engine does the work for you.
Screen Size Targeting (Campaigns => Geek)
Applies to Banner Ads only. Target you campaigns by applying screen size constraints.
Android Market support (Campaigns => Creatives => Landing Page)
Landing pages starting with market:// are now supported. This allows you to send visitors directly to Android Market to download an app.
(41 months ago)

Version 3.40

Relative Landing Pages (Campaigns => Creatives)
If you're running campaigns yourself, you may want to link to a page inside the website. With relative target URLs, you can now add the URL without specifying the domain.
Landing Page window (Campaigns => Creatives)
For promos or campaigns that link to a page on the same website, you can now indicate that the target URL should open in the same window or frame, instead of opening a new tab.
Iframe invocation codes (Zones => Invocation Code)
Improves loading performance and prevents DOM manipulation by third parties.
Campaign Duplication (Campaigns => New Campaign)
Duplicate a whole campaign, including its settings and associated creatives.
Creative Duplication (Campaigns => Creative => New Creative)
Duplicate a whole creative, including its settings and associated banners.
Pause a creative (Campaigns => Creative)
You can now set a creative on hold within a campaign.
Dynamic URL Macros (Campaigns => Creative => Advanced)
Allows you to pass on custom URL macros for your creatives. Additionally, built-in replacements like {rnd} are now available.
Zone refresh improvements for Banner Ads (Zones => Settings)
If you automatically refresh your zones after X seconds, this behavior has now been improved a bit. If only 2 campaigns are available, they will alternate instead of picking a random campaign. If only 1 campaign is available, the zone will not auto-refresh.
Report Builder (beta) (Reports => Report Builder)
A new type of reporting system that is currently offered as a beta-release. Feel free to send in your suggestions how you would like to see your reports being generated.
Gray Dummy for Banner Ads (Settings icon => Global Settings => Settings)
By default, a gray banner dummy is displayed if no targeted campaigns are available for a certain visitor. Instead of showing this dummy, you can now opt to not show anything instead.
(42 months ago)

Version 3.30

New Ad Type: Lightboxes (see Campaigns / Zones)
Lightbox Ads are displayed in the center of the screen upon the first visit, optionally with a black semi-transparent background.
Reorganization of the Zones page
All zones are now displayed directly on the first page, ordered by foldable zone groups. You'll be saving 1 whole click and 100-500 ms waiting time to edit a zone. On a yearly basis, this saves you 547.5 seconds assuming that you edit 5 zones per day.
Live Preview of zones (see Zones => Invocation Code)
Test your zones in a live environment. Instead of adding the code to a test page and uploading it to your web server, you can now inject your invocation code directly into a HTML template. Easy!
In Delivery notification (see Campaigns)
On the Campaigns page, you can now see in the overview if a campaign is in delivery or not.
Reset Campaign statistical data (see Campaigns => Properties)
Did you perform some initial test runs on a campaign, and want to go live? Reset the number impressions, clicks, etc. as if it was a new campaign.
Display a campaign nowhere (see Campaigns => Display Network)
Can be useful for testing purposes.
(43 months ago)

Version 3.20

Campaign Templates (see Campaigns => Templates)
Use pre-defined campaign settings when adding new campaigns.
IP Filter (configuration icon at the top right)
Filter IP addresses or ranges (wildcard/CIDR) from campaign and zone statistics at server level.
Bot/Crawler Filter (configuration icon at the top right)
Filter bots/crawlers/spiders from campaign and zone statistics at server level.
Override/Exclusive Campaigns (see Campaign details)
Override campaigns have priority over campaigns in a lower tier. In case you got yourself an exclusive deal with an advertiser, this campaign type can be handy.
CSRF Protection (Configuration icon => Security Settings)
This setting is now configurable. Highly recommended to leave it on though.
(45 months ago)

Version 3.10

Custom time spans for reports (see Reports)
Allows you to create a report over a custom-defined time span.
Responsive Ads
The Banner Ads format is now natively responsive. No need to adjust anything on your ad server.
Creative Breakdown (see Reports => Campaign Reports => Creative Breakdown)
See which creatives are performing better than others.
More geotargeting locations (see Campaigns => Geotargeting Rules)
Target campaigns by continent, country, region, city and US DMA. Also, locations can now be either targeted or excluded.
New Interstitial settings (see Zones => Interstitial zone)
The following options are added: 1) allow visitors to close the interstitial, but only after X seconds. 2) Wait for the timer to countdown until the creative is fully loaded.
New Pop-Up/Under settings (see Zones => Pop-Up/Under zone)
The following options are added: 1) Activate after viewing X pages. 2) Open in a small window instead of a full tab.
(46 months ago)

Version 3.00

New Ad Type: Pop-Up/Under (see Campaigns / Websites)
This ad type displays the advertiser's campaign in a new tab as soon as a visitor clicks anywhere on the publisher's website.
Layout Makeover
Traditionally, a major new release comes with major changes. Likewise for the UI, which has been dramatically simplified for more intuitive navigation.
Live Monitoring
An extraordinary new feature (if you ask me!) that provides near real-time insight in what's happening inside your ad server.
Drag & Drop uploads for Checkout Portal (see Checkout Portal)
Your advertisers can now drop their banner directly in the form, rather than providing a banner URL. One obstacle less to make a successful sale ;)
Customizable subset for external reports (see Global Settings => External Reports)
You can now customize what you want to show to your advertisers.
Campaign Tiers (see Campaigns)
Especially for In-House or promotional campaigns: these are displayed only if a normal campaign cannot be found after targeting the visitor.
(47 months ago)

Version 2.90

New Ad Type: Interstitials (see Campaigns / Websites)
Interstitial ads are full-page advertisements that are displayed before being automatically redirected to the publishers website.
New Ad Type: Floor Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
Floor Ads stay positioned at the bottom a website, even after scrolling.
Toggle Creative Previews (see Global Settings => Settings)
Sometimes you don't want to preview HTML5 or Flash banners for privacy reasons. You can now disable these previews for each creative type individually.
HTML5 Banner Deplacement (see Campaigns & Ads => Creatives)
For practical reasons, the HTML5 creative format has been re-positioned to the Banner Ad creative. With this creative type you can now configure image banners, flash banners and HTML5 banners all in one place.
External Reports (see Campaigns & Ads => Properties)
Do you have advertisers who want to view real-time statistics of their campaigns? You can now provide them a password-less report URL.
Crawler/Bot Filtering
Sometimes Google passes by multiple times a day. Likely, you don't want to count impressions or clicks made by those crawlers. AdGlare now filters them natively.
Native click tracking on HTML5 banners (see Campaigns & Ads => Creatives)
Opt to use AdGlare's algorithm to track click on HTML5 banners, or use your third-party's native click tracking algorithm.
(47 months ago)

Version 2.80

New Ad Type: Email/Newsletter Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
Email clients have restrictions when it comes to executing JavaScript codes or loading Iframes. AdGlare now supports rotated and targeted Email Ads that you can use in your Newsletters. Go on an test it yourself!
New Ad Type: URL-Feed (see Campaigns / Websites)
With URL-Feeds the ad server will output a randomly targeted URL or JS code based on your advertiser's campaign settings. This ad type is ideal in case you want to use your ad server to feed pop-up/under pages.
Reports downloads to CSV (see Website/Campaign Reports)
You can now download statistical reports to an Excel CSV format.
Shockwave Flash Support (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Flash image banners are now supported in the Enterprise Edition.
Creative uploads by drag & drop (see Campaigns => Creatives)
Instead of providing the URL of a creative, you can now simply drop your file in the box and the CDN upload will start automatically.
Custom Ad Sizes (see Global Settings => Ad Sizes)
AdGlare comes with a list of popular ad sizes, like the Full Banner 468x60px size. You can now add your own ad sizes too.
Auto-Refresh Ads (see Websites & Zones)
Do you want to automatically reload the zone with another banner after X seconds? This feature let you do so, including a cap to avoid overexposure of a single zone.
(47 months ago)

Version 2.70

Frequency Capping per visitor (see Campaigns => Frequency Capping)
Limit exposure of a campaign to an individual visitor. You can set multiple impression caps per hour, day or week. Visitor capping requires the UserMATRIX database to be enabled, which is available in the Enterprise Edition.
Campaign Caps (see Campaigns => Frequency Capping)
You can now auto-pause campaigns after reaching a certain threshold per hour or day, and let it automatically resume after the indicated time has passed.
(48 months ago)

Version 2.60

HTML5 Rich Media Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
HTML5 Rich Media Ads are loaded in an Iframe, and can consist of HTML5 Banners, Third Party (DSP) network tags/code or some other HTML creative.
In-Banner Video Ads (see Campaigns / Websites)
In-Banner Video Ads display a HTML5 video with Flash fallback in a standard 300 x 250px MPU. VAST 2.0 supported.
Ad Serving Method (see Websites => Zones / details)
Image banner ads were always loaded as inline HTML for optimal performance. However, in some cases you may want to load those type of ads in iframes. You can now specify this for each zone individually. This setting overrides the default setting, which can be configured on the page Global Settings.
Protocol-relative Ad Serving
Ads and invocation codes are now served protocol-relative. This means that ads are loaded over SSL in case the zone's website is loaded over SSL too.
Campaign weights - improved performance (see Campaigns => Overview)
The SQL code that randomly selects a campaign based on its weight has been drastically improved. Also, the UI to set the weight has been updated.
Custom Branding (see Global Settings => Custom Branding)
Enterprise Edition: Add your own branding to Banner Image Ads. Ideal when you're running an ad network.
(49 months ago)

Version 2.50

Google AdSense Backfill (see Websites => Zones)
If no ads are available, AdGlare can backfill this zone with your own AdSense ads. Highly recommended to keep revenue flowing.
Financial Transactions (see Financial Transactions)
When incoming transactions from your advertisers are automatically processed, you can now see an overview of these transactions.
New campaign options (see Campaigns)
The start date can now be set to 'immediately', saving you the time to set current's date. Also, the end date (runs until) can be configured to 'never expire'.
Improved Help Doc (see Help Documentation)
The instructions on how to set up your CheckOut page has been simplified. You'll see the CNAME instructions directly in the help documentation.
Customization Requests (see Dashboard)
You can now send in your suggestions or customization requests directly from your ad server's dashboard, without the need to open up a ticket.
Security: auth info on websites (see Websites)
For your own information, the timestamp and IP address of the person who added the website is shown in the 'Properties' tab.
Internal notes for advertisers (see Advertisers)
Internal notes can now be added to an advertiser account.
Preview banners (see Campaigns)
Image banners are now previewed in the Creatives tab of a campaign. In case the banner is large (read: huge), it will be scaled down proportionally.
(51 months ago)

Version 2.20

New Campaign Status (see Manage Campaigns)
In case a campaign has been automatically added by a self-service platform, you may want to set the status to 'waiting review'. It can then be activated after you have reviewed the creatives and approved its content.
Campaign Run Notification (see Manage Campaigns)
You'll be notified when viewing a campaign if it's not running, along with its reason. For example, a campaign may have the status 'onhold' or perhaps no creatives are assigned yet.
Our custom-built anti-click fraud matrix. A configurable, powerful filter to block questionable clicks has been implemented in this latest release.
(53 months ago)

Version 2.10

Showing campaigns on future zones (see Manage Campaigns => Display Network)
You may have had this before: you added a new zone to your network, requiring you to assign the new zone to numerous existing campaigns. Now you can indicate per campaign if you wish to run it on all current and future zones. Handy!
New widget added (see Server Dashboard)
Another widget has been added to the dashboard: countries served. Here you can generate a world map showing where visitors viewing the ads come from. Based on impressions over the last 2 hours.
Auto-pause campaigns during specific hours (see Manage Campaigns => Targeting)
Another targeting rule has been added: dayparting. With this rule you can indicate if you wish to run a campaign only in the weekends, or in the evening hours for example.
(55 months ago)

Version 2.00

Internal Notes (see Network Websites and Manage Campaigns)
You can add an internal note to a campaign or a website.
New widget added (see Server Dashboard)
A new widget has been added to the dashboard, showing your global impression usage. This way you don't have to log into your AdGlare Customer Account to view your usage.
Updated invocation code (see Network Websites => Invocation Code)
The invocation code has been optimized and now contains a minimum amount of code. Backwards compatible with old invocation codes.
Multi-format zones (see Network Websites => Zones)
A wonderful suggestion of one of our clients! You can now indicate multiple ad formats for a zone. Now you can run, for example, a Medium Rectangle (300 x 250px) and a 3:1 Rectangle (300 x 100px) in the same zone, since they have the same width. A campaign with creatives that fit these formats will be chosen automatically.
IDs listed in overview (see Network Websites, Manage Campaigns and Advertiser Profiles)
For the sake of easier searching, you'll now see campaign, zone and advertiser IDs in the overviews on the respective pages.
(56 months ago)

Version 1.60

Traffic Sources (see Campaign Reports)
When generating a campaign report, an additional tab has been added to produce a list of all traffic sources for a specific campaign.
Draggable Widgets! (see Server Dashboard)
One of our favourite new features: draggable widgets on the dashboard. Position them as you like in the grid.
Advertiser accounts (see Advertiser Profiles)
You can now assign an advertiser account to a campaign. This way you can manage campaigns of a single advertiser easier, and filter campaigns by advertiser.
Server Time (see bottom sidebar)
The Ad Server Time has now been placed at the bottom of the sidebar, so you can access it from virtually any page.
Sidebar search field (see top sidebar)
Just in case you'd like to find a page quickly, enter a keyword in the search field and the menu will be filtered accordingly as you type.
(60 months ago)

Version 1.50

Two-Factor Authentication (see Security Settings)
A password can be stolen, intercepted or guessed. With Two-Step Authentication you can introduce a second factor (your mobile phone) to log you in to your account. See the Help Documentation for the instructions to set this up.
Additional Accounts (see Account Profiles)
In addition to the root account, you can give third parties access to your ad server by creating additional accounts. For each account you can set page permissions.
List of Failed Login Attempts (see Failed Login Attempts)
In case someone tries to log in to your Ad Server, you can now see a list of failed login attempts.
View release notes from within your ad server (see AdGlare Change Log)
Obviously, one of the new features is this change log page, so you don't have to look them up on the Blog.