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Find out what's new in AdGlare. All notes between 2013 - 2021.

AdGlare v6.40
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AdGlare v6.40

New Feature
Quality Assurance
Ad Ops ToolsQuality Assurance
Perform an analysis on third-party ad tags to make sure they meet your quality standards.
New Feature
Ad Ops ToolsGDPR/CCPA Audit
Get insights in which creatives are dropping third-party cookies and/or writing to localStorage. This tool makes it easier to do a GDPR/CCPA audit server-wide.
New Feature
Bulk Change Creative Names
You can change the name of creatives in bulk now.
Suggested by: Malgo
New Feature
External Report Access for Publishers
ClientsClient Access
Publishers can now generate reports in their own portal. To assign zones to a client, see the Properties tab of a zone.
Suggested by: Malgo