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Video Ad Server with VAST Support

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AdGlare Ad Server

Are you looking for a video ad server with VAST support? AdGlare supports all IAB specified tracking URLs, as well as VAST wrapper redirects and Ad Pods. It can combine media types like Linear Video Ads, Non-Linear Banner Ads along with Companion Ads. In this article we'll discuss how AdGlare serves video ads, either in-stream or out-stream.

But first, let me briefly explain was VAST does.

VAST doesn't contain video itself - it's just a playbook

The VAST specification has been developed by the IAB and is widely recognized in the digital advertising industry.

Like the IAB says, VAST doesn't "do" anything. It's simply a mechanism (or protocol) for transferring data from one system to another. The VAST specification allows advertisers to create a well ordered document that can be read and understood by a VAST-compliant video player.

Based on this document, the publisher's video player can pre-roll (or mid/post-roll) the advertiser's video, along with display ads that are visible around the video player to create a unique user experience that your audience can't miss.

The VAST specification also allow ad servers like AdGlare to track impressions, clicks and various other metrics, like if the video has been seen entirely or not.

Linear, Non-Linear and Companion Ads

When setting up your video ad campaign in your AdGlare ad server, you can choose between various media types. Basically, we can distinguish 3 types of ads. See the image above for a better understanding.

VAST explanation for video ad server by AdGlare

  • Linear Video Ads are displayed before, during or after the original content video. Typically, these videos are pre-rolled before the actual content starts, to engage visitors to patiently watch your ad before their requested video starts. To avoid abandonment, it's recommended to keep your video ad duration to a maximum of 10 seconds. It's up to the publisher to decide when exactly to show your video ad. Obviously, AdGlare only counts an impression when the video has been played entirely.
  • Non-Linear Ads are traditional banner images superimposed over the content video. Typically, these banners are located at the bottom of the video. Non-Linear inventory is usually cheaper than Linear inventory and can be displayed for a longer time period, or even for the entire duration of the content video.
  • Companion Ads are display banners around the video player. Common locations are the sidebar or a banner position just under de video. Pre-rolling your video ad along with these companion ads has an incredible advantage. Visitors will be 'remembered' to your ad by the banners around the player, even after your video ad has finished playing. AdGlare keeps track of which companion ad has been clicked in order for you to measure its performance.

Video Ad Configuration in your AdGlare portal

To set up VAST Video Ads, choose Campaigns New Campaign from the menu.

Campaign VAST Video Ad in AdGlare - part 1

Then, on the Creatives tab, choose New Creative from where you can configure your Linear Ad, Non-Linear Ad or Wrapper Redirects.

Campaign VAST Video Ad in AdGlare - part 2

Feel free to contact AdGlare customer support if you need technical support to set things up.

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