Ad Server Comparison: Revive v.s. AdGlare

If you want to handle ad serving on your website or blog using a publisher ad server, there are commonly two ways to go. Either you opt for a free open source ad server and install the software on your own server, or you opt for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in which your ad server is hosted in the cloud. This article outlines the differences between these two options to figure out which ad server solution is best for you.

Option #1: free open source Revive AdServer software installed on my own server

There are a few well-documented open source solutions available today that may serve your needs. It ranges from simple banner management scripts to rotate ads up to some more sophisticated ad server software that requires to be installed on your own server. A well-known open source ad server is Revive AdServer (previously known as OpenX). The team behind Revive AdServer did an excellent job in providing the ad industry a self-hosted piece of open source ad software. But let's outline a few pros and cons.
Advantages self-hosted ad server Disadvantages self-hosted ad server
It's cheap or for free. I usually pay zero for obtaining the software. I need quite a big server, which costs me $399/month, in addition to the WHM license.
I take control of my data. If something happens, I'm fully responsible for it. I'm monitoring if my traffic doesn't overflow my host's bandwidth limit, while keeping an eye on Heartbleed bugs and stuff.
Flexibility. I'm a developer, and I customize the ad platform myself. Updates. I'm manually installing a software update today. Hope things will still work afterwards...
- Too complicated. My self-hosted ad server comes with tons of non-essential features I'll never use. I want to manage and serve advertisements more intuitively.
- We're offline! Some sort of DDoS attack I guess, or I introduced a bug in the software last weekend when I was fiddling around with the code.
- Expensive plugins. No in-banner video ads. I can purchase a plugin, but then I have to pay $899 for it.

Option #2: commercially offered ad manager software

Another approach is to outsource your ad management software to those who have all the experience in the field needed to keep things flowing. During the Dot-com bubble in the years between 1997-2000, small companies started to focus on offering ad serving software as a service. As a relatively unexplored area back in those days, the internet had yet to meet the ad industry. Here in the year 2017, today's technology opens up new ways to better economize, facilitate and streamline the process an advertiser goes through when submitting a new ad campaign. Though commercially offered (read: it comes with a price tag), a cloud hosted ad server may have some serious advantages over a self-hosted one. And here's why.
Advantages cloud-hosted ad server Disadvantages cloud-hosted ad server
It's incredibly stable. New software releases are beta-tested on separate channels. Virtually bug free. It costs money. AdGlare's price rates are reasonable though, and I save on my server hosting bills.
Self-serve Checkout. My advertisers submit and pay their ad campaigns directly via the Advertiser Portal. I can't change the software myself. Fortunately, AdGlare has implemented my suggestions of last week.
Peace of mind. I know that some clever geeks are keeping an eye on my ad server, while I'm asleep. -
Content Delivery Network. My visitors at the other end of the world get the ads served just as fast as here. -
Unlimited resources and a fixed bill. I don't have to check bandwidth usage, as I pay a fixed monthly fee. -
Cloud power. I can finally offer video ad campaigns, since AdGlare has 1 Gbit lines. -
I have a question. How do I...? Ah, AdGlare's customer support team helped me out ready. All sorted. -

Final verdict: which is the best ad server software solution?

That answer depends largely on your personal situation and experience. Do you know how to manage a dedicated server, write PHP code, troubleshoot issues? Can you devote your time on such a project? Then, go for the free self-hosted solution. However, if you want to focus on your website's core business model while having a peace of mind, greater flexibility and better performance when it comes to ad serving? Then go AdGlare's solution (or at least a cloud-hosted solution elsewhere).

I'm convinced. How do I get my AdGlare ad server?

Click Pricing & Order from the menu and choose a free 15-day Trial License.
Fill out the form. Your name and an email address suffice.
Wait up to 2 minutes while your ad server is getting installed. You're ready to go.

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