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Native Ads

Build your own native ads from scratch. Native ads match the website's look & feel and therefore have a high user experience (read: high CTR). Such type of ads can be built using the Native Ad (JSON) format. The JSON endpoint can be called client-side or server-side, after which you can construct the ad based on the response. You can also send along custom key/value pairs and image objects. More about Native Ads.

Video Ad Server

Upload videos just like any other creative. The video ad server supports IAB's VAST Video Tags (2.0/3.0/4.0), and it has built-in solutions to generate video ads. Drag & Drop your MP4 files and the engines generate a HTML5 native video player, fully customizable from within your ad management portal. You can play videos inside Banner Ads, Floor Ads, Interstitials... YouTube? Enter the video URL and we'll take care of the rest. More about Video Ads.

video ad server

responsive ads

Mobile Responsive Ads

Your ads will be made mobile responsive, all automatically. Upload the highest quality creative and the engines will take care of the rest. Third party ads? We'll display them in a responsive iframe: if your third party is responsive too, it will display fine on all devices. Video ads? Responsive as well. HTML5 responsive banners? You got it. Don't waste more time uploading multiple creatives spread over different campaigns - one size does fit all!

Advertising Formats

A variety of advertising formats are supported. All ad formats are automatically generated by the AdServer, so you'll not be juggling with HTML templates. Just select the format, upload your creatives and you're done. The following formats are supported: Banner Ads, Email Ads, Interstitials, Floor Ads, SideBar Ads, Lightbox Ads and VAST Tags. What's even better is that you can display any type* of creative inside those formats. More about Ad Formats.
* Static Image, 3rd Party Tag, HTML5 Document, HTML5 Zip, MP4 Video, YouTube, VAST Tag

Advertising formats & Ad Types

Ad Server Engine distribution like a CDN.

Ad Server Performance

Right from the start, we've been building the ad server on two important pillars: usability and speed. In the advertisement industry, every millisecond counts. We therefore developed our own CDN to serve your creatives, tweaked to squeeze out maximum performance. Additionally, the ad server engines are located in 5 different data centers* distributed over the world in order to reduce network latency. And that helps. We'll leave that up to you to benchmark.
* San Francisco / Washington D.C. / Amsterdam / Frankfurt / Singapore.

SSL-Enabled Ad Serving

Ads are loaded over https:// to maximize security and compatibility. AdGlare loads your ads over SSL where needed: so called protocol-relative ad serving. The SSL certificate is offered free of charge and is enabled by default.

SSL-Enabled Ad Serving

best ad server price

Competitive Price Rates

AdGlare has one of the most competitive price rates in the market. You'll be paying as low as $199/month for the full stack of ad server technology on a 10 Million plan. Rates reduce even further to 0.00375 CPM depending on your volume. Recurring billing by credit card is available. More about Ad Server Pricing.

Asynchronous Ad Loading

Your ad serving tags are loaded asynchronously, thereby not delaying your page from rendering its content. It performs great on AJAX loaded content as well.

World-Wide CDN

Uploaded creatives are delivered via our own global CDN. By reducing the physical distance between the visitor and the ad servers, ads are loaded incredibly fast. Test it yourself!

Crawler/Bot Filtering

Google could pass by multiple times a day. Most likely, you don't want to count impressions or clicks made by those crawlers. Filters those bots from your statistical data.

Real-time Stats

See what's happening in (almost) real-time with only a 3 minute delay. One of the fastest processing times you'll find in the ad industry today.

Targeting Rules

Serve ads only to English speaking visitors in a 50 miles radius from New York between 10am and 14pm with an Android phone? Yes you can.

Unlimited Resources

All service plans are capped by ad requests, not by how much bandwidth or disk storage you use. Peace of mind. For both you and us.

SSL Everywhere

We're using SSL (https://) encryption on all servers. From the management platform, to ad serving engines to CDN nodes. No exception.

Extremely Scalable

The software is up in the cloud, making it extremely easy to scale up its resources to comply to your needs. Is your business growing? Your adserver grows along. Compare ad servers

100% Cookie-Less AdServer

Third-party cookies are getting banned from modern browsers. We're proudly offering you a 100% cookie-less ad server! No need for cookie opt-outs or privacy statements.