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AdGlare Ad Server

Ad Server for Publishers & Advertisers

Create, Manage and Serve Ads world-wide.

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Ad Server Features

Here are a few things that AdGlare can do for you:

Video Transcoding

AdGlare automatically transcodes your video MP4 files for high quality playback on mobile devices.

Real-Time Reporting

We're pushing new data every minute at a 3-minute delay. Includes IVT Filtering and API access.

Live Impression Metrics

See in real-time where impressions and clicks come from. Based on the user's GPS position.

Ad Quality Scores

Each of your creatives gets a score assigned based on load speed, SSL support, 3P cookies and more.

Viewability Measuring

AdGlare measures viewability as per IAB and MCR standards: 50% of the ad's pixels visible for at least 1 sec.

Geographical Targeting

Geotarget locations where your ads should be served. From country to region, up to city targeting.

CTR Optimization (AI)

Use a bit of machine learning to serve ads with the highest expected CTR for a particular user.

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions like website signups or downloads. AdGlare supports server-to-server callbacks.

VAST 2.0 - 4.0

VAST tags generated by AdGlare are compliant as per IAB standards. Support for VAST 2.0 until 4.0.

Pre/Mid/Post Rolls

Generate a VAST tag and feed it to a compliant video player. Show the ads during the main video content.

Free CDN Bandwidth

Host your creative's files on our global CDN. Unlimited bandwidth is included in all plans for free.

Free White-Label

Serve ads from your own subdomain by adding a CNAME to your DNS. Great to get around ad blockers.

Ad Serving across America, Europe and Asia.
With ad serving nodes spread over 6 global data centers, we're always close to any city.

Supported Ad Formats
Our clients are using AdGlare mainly for:

Display Ads

30 seconds
Display line items, like classical banners (JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML) or video (MP4) on any web page. Your ads will be served in a responsive safe frame.

Native Ads

30 seconds
Upload your assets and get a JSON response with ads. Pull them server-side to get around ad blockers. Supports custom key/value pairs.

VAST Video Ads

30 seconds
Pre-roll video ads before the main content. Free hosting of MP4 files on our CDN is included in all plans. Supports VAST 4.0 and wrappers.
Other ad formats supported: Email Ads, Virtual Reality Ads, URL Redirects, Exit Intent Ads and Sticky Ads.

What If You Could Be More Productive...

AdGlare's intuitive design guides you through your campaigns and reports without losing time.
Comparing Ad Servers?
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Mobile Ads
Third-Party Ads
Real-Time Reporting
Team Member Accounts
City Targeting
Native Ads
GPS Position
Frequency Capping
Tiered Pricing
6 Data Centers
Conversion Tracking
Intuitive User Interface
Wordpress Plug-In
Free White Label
Async Ad Tags
Credit Card Subscription
Free Customizations
Free CDN Bandwidth
IAB Safe Frames
Free Trial
Good Reasons to choose for AdGlare
  • Serving Ads since 2013
  • Incredibly Simple to Use
  • Competitively Priced
Practice make perfect! Here in 2019, we're up to date with DNS load balancing, HTTP/3, Brotli compression, TLS 1.3 and 10K QPS nodes.
AdGlare has a fresh material design that lets you and your team navigate intuitively. Save on training and onboarding costs.
Scalable plans with tiered pricing. We hate hidden costs as much as you do. Get a free white-label and free CDN bandwidth. No overage fees.

Ad Server.
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Banner Ad Server
Setting up Geotargeting in AdGlare

Frequently Asked Questions
To get an answer right away.
Which credit cards can I use?
All major cards: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners Club, JCB and Discover. PayPal or bank transfers are not supported.
Can I propose new features?
We're open to discuss your suggestions, especially if they improve the ad server overall. Customization projects are free of charge.
What about the Free Trial?
Your trial will be ready in 30 seconds. Login details sent by email. No credit card needed. Your trial can be converted into a paid license while keeping all of your data.
What about SSL Certificates?
A free SSL certificate is offered on your standard ad serving domain from AdGlare. You can upload your own certificate if you have applied a white-label.
Max file size of video/MP4 ads?
50 MB. They will be hosted on AdGlare's private CDN with PoPs around the globe. Usage free of charge.
Does AdGlare write cookies?
No. AdGlare does not write cookies whatsoever. Not even for frequency capping, as alternative cookie-less methods were developed that safeguards privacy.
Can I create Native Ads?
Yes. AdGlare's engines can return a JSON response which you can parse to build your own native ads (and to bypass ad blockers).
Billing and cancellation?
Recurrent payments by credit card, 1 month upfront. Invoice PDFs automatically send by email. Cancel anytime before your monthly due date.
What about GDPR-compliancy?
AdGlare does not process or store PII at all. There's a dedicated GDPR Settings page to apply this policy worldwide.
How do I receive software updates?
Every now and then a new version of AdGlare is released. It will be automatically installed if you're on the stable release channel. Release Notes.
Where are AdGlare's servers located?
San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore. Ads are loaded from the closest server to minimize latency.
What ad formats are supported?
Almost anything: JPG/PNG/GIF, MP4, VAST, 3rd-party tags and HTTP redirects. You can create Display Ads, Native Ads, VAST tags, Email Ads, Exit Intent Ads, etc.
Is CDN usage included?
Yes. You can use AdGlare's CDN free of charge on any plan. Content delivery across 6 data centers worldwide. Unlimited bandwidth. No additional fees.
Is there an API?
Yes. You can use the API to pull statistical data to your own backend. Great to create custom reports. See the API Documentation.
Can I white-label my ad server?
Yes. Add a CNAME DNS record and serve ads from your own domain. White-labeling is free of charge. No additional fees. Instructions.