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Drag & Drop Creatives.

Save time with a simple and intuitive design. We'll host them free of charge.
done Types: JPG, PNG, GIF, ZIP, MP4
done Third-party ad tags
done Calculates a Quality Score

Set Flight Dates.

Indicate when a campaign should go live. Control the delivery speed:
done Fast as possible
done Spread evenly
done Frontloaded

Fine-tune delivery.

Set targeting rules to show ads to users that engage.
done Geographical Targeting (up to city)
done Browser, OS, Device, Language
done Domain, IP and Keyword Targeting

Real-time Reports.

Don't wait hours for data to be available. Reports are updated every minute with a 3-minute delay.
done Updated every minute
done Export to Excel
done Automatic Bot Filtering

ecoUnmetered CDN Bandwidth

Unlike other ad server vendors, you'll not be charged for using AdGlare's CDN.
No extra costs. A fixed monthly invoice. Peace of mind for everyone! sentiment_satisfied_alt
An upload limit of 50MB per file/creative applies though.

White Label Ad Serving

Serve ads from your own domain. A free white label is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans.
done Easy setup: 2 CNAME DNS records
done Great way to get around ad blockers!
done Use first-party data for targeting

Newest Technology of the year 2021

You'll be up to date with TLS 1.3, Brotli, Certificate Compression, DNS pre-connect, HTTP/2 and HTML5 Lazy-Loading.
done Fast Asynchronous Ad Tags
done SSL-compliant URLs
done Loaded in Safe Frames

Worldwide ad serving in America, Europe and Asia.

AdGlare has edge nodes across 6 data centers worldwide.
Ad tags are loaded from a server the closest to the geographical location of the user.

Ad Serving Nodes
QPS per Engine
Data Centers
<100 ms
Network Latency
Load Balancing

timerBuilt for Performance

Ad Tech is a place where every millisecond count. AdGlare was built in 2013 on one important pillar. Speed.
8 years and many code-rewrites later, we're proud to have one of the fastest ad servers in the market.

Quality Assurance.

Automaticaly scan third-party ad tags to see if they comply with your standards.
done See all HTTP requests and payload size
done Checks if audio/video is played
done Evaluates CPU & Memory usage
done GDPR/CCPA cookie dropping
done Detects if the ad tag is responsive
done Educated guess if blocked by ad blockers
done Verifies SSL/CORS compliancy
We're using the Creative Quality Assurance APIs from


See which creatives are dropping cookies, and potentially violating international laws.
done Lists all third-party cookies
done Checks localStorage
done Determines server locations
Scan third-party creatives and take control over your inventory.