Display Ad Server
Serve ads in standard fixed-size ad units
Native Ad Server
Serve native ads on your web page or app
Video Ad Server
Serve MP4 video ads as pre/mid/post-rolls
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Maximize revenue for direct deals.
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Optimize campaigns, real-time insights.
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Display Ad Server

Serve banners, ad tags and HTML5 ads in fixed-size ad units.

Simple user interface. Great alternative to Google Ad Manager.

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Alfonso Di Stasio
Alfonso Di Stasio
CEO, PharmAdvertise
Bernd Jaeger
Bernd Jaeger
Campaign Manager, TraceParts

Display Ad Server

Get all features you need to serve banner ads — from start to finish.

Ad Formats

Static banners in JPG/PNG/GIF, third-party ad tags, MP4 video files and HTML5 Zip creatives. We support them all.


Custom Ad Sizes

Not using a standard IAB ad size? You can create your own ad units and define their dimensions. Customizable to the pixel.


Mobile Responsive

All static banners and videos uploaded to AdGlare's CDN are mobile responsive. This works out of the box, even with iframes.


Get around Ad Blockers

Set up your white-label and serve ads from your own subdomain. Great to get around ad blockers. It's free.


In-depth reports

Measure viewability, fill rates, conversions and much more. Track and measure display ads in real-time to evaluate campaign performance and adjust accordingly.


A/B Testing

Use different variants of the same creative and let AdGlare's algorithms figure out which version converts best. Based on multiple data points, like location, device and language.

Ad Trafficking & Scheduling

AdGlare allows you to fine-tune the delivery, scheduling and placement of your banner ads, ensuring that they will be delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Manage the entire process of delivering display advertisements easily.

Real-time Reporting

Get access to real-time data and insights. An important feature that gives you a clear view of how your banner ads are performing with minute-precision.

See which campaigns are underperforming and make actionable decisions before the campaign's end date. Use your own historical data to see trends over time, and adjust targeting/scheduling accordingly.


Target banner ads to specific geographic locations, allowing you to reach users in certain countries, regions or cities.

AdGlare uses the high-precision IP to location database from market leader MaxMind.

Customizable Ad Units

Not using a standard IAB ad size? You can create your own ad units and define their dimensions.

Customizable with pixel-precision.

GIVT Bot Filter

AdGlare has a built-in GIVT bot filter to prevent draining ad spend caused by automated bots. You can either remove bot traffic from your reports retrospectively, or create bot reports to get a complete picture.

By removing bot traffic, you'll get cleaner reports so you can make more accurate decisions when evaluating campaign performance.

Does AdGlare fit your budget?

You'll get the BEST rates in the market. CDN bandwidth included in all plans.
Scalable up to 1 billion ad requests/month.
per month
1M ad requests
per month
10M ad requests
per month
25M+ ad requests
Fixed rates, no hidden fees, no overage billing, no surprises.
credit_card_offNo credit card needed during trial.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of display ads are supported?

AdGlare supports the following types of display ads:
  • Static banners (PNG/JPG/GIF)
  • HTML5 rich media
  • MP4 Video Ads
  • Third-party Ad Tags
  • Custom HTML/JS code

What about ad targeting?

You can use targeting to fine-tune delivery to your target audience. The following targeting options are supported:
  • Geotargeting
  • Browser Targeting
  • Operating System Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Custom Key/Value Targeting
  • Domain/URL Targeting
  • Dayparting
  • Language Targeting

What kind of ad unit sizes do you support?

All standard IAB ad sizes, like 300x250 and 728x90. Do you need a custom size? Create your own by specifying the ad unit's with/height in your portal settings.


Can I optimize campaigns automatically?

Yes, you can optimize campaigns automatically to increase CTR or conversions. The best creatives are served more often. Which is the 'best' creative is determined by dozens of data points like user location, time of the day, language, device type, etc.


Are metrics and reports real-time?

Almost. New data is pushed to the ad server every minute after a 3-minute delay. This means that your reports are almost real-time. Great to make data driven decisions and to see if campaigns are delivering as expected.


Does AdGlare integrate with third-parties?

No. AdGlare is typically used by publishers for direct deals, and used by advertisers to manage campaigns and optimize ad spend. AdGlare is not a DSP or SSP.


Can AdGlare handle high traffic volumes?

You can go all the way up to 1 billion ad requests per month on one of the standard plans. If you expect more than that, please reach out to discuss the options.


How afforable is AdGlare's ad server?

There's an Essential plan that covers all core features needed to start serving ads at an affordable price. For larger businesses, the Growth plan goes all the way up to 1 billion ad requests per month and contains all features offered.


Is AdGlare simple to use, and what about onboarding?

AdGlare was designed to be user-friendly right from the start in 2013. Usability improved even further after 10 years of updates. You and your team shouldn't spend much time on learning how to use AdGlare. There's a detailed User Guide available that walks you through the interface smoothly. Reach out in case you have specific onboarding questions.


What about privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA?

AdGlare doesn't write cookies whatsoever, nor does it use PII, unique identifiers or offer retargeting. If you use key/value targeting, make sure not to send any PII to AdGlare's servers. Geotargeting uses the anonymized IP address of the user, which is discarded right after the geo lookup.

Alfonso Di Stasio
Alfonso Di Stasio
CEO, PharmAdvertise
Bernd Jaeger
Bernd Jaeger
Campaign Manager, TraceParts
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