Ad Formats

All major ad formats, from display to native ads. Creatives get a quality score based on their load speed. We're adhering to the Better Ads Standard.
done Display Ads (JPG, 3-party, ZIP, Video)
done VAST 2.0 - 4.0 Video Ads
done Native Ads (JSON API)
done Podcast Ads
done Sticky Ads and Exit Intents

Integration: Ad Tags

We're up to date with TLS 1.3, Brotli, Certificate Compression, HTTP/2 Server Push and Lazy-Loading. Test it yourself.
done One of the fastest tags in the market
done Asynchronous Ad Tags
done AMP HTML Ad Tags
done Loaded in Safe Frames
done Pass on variables to the Landing URL

Set Targeting Rules

Fine-tune delivery. Target your inventory to audiences that are most likely to convert.
done Geographical Targeting (up to city level)
done Browser, OS, Device, Language
done Domain, IP and Keyword Targeting
done Targeting by JavaScript variables
done Dayparting, Pacing, Frequency Caps

Reporting, Real-Time

Fast. Even with millions of rows. We're flushing new data every minute with a 3-minute delay. Provide your clients with read-only report logins.
done Real-time, 3-minute delay
done Printable, CSV Exports, JSON API
done Conversions, Viewability, Fill Rates
done Read-only Report Logins
done IVT Filtering for Bots & Spiders (NHT)

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