Scalable ad serving up to 1 billion monthly ad requests

Back in 2013, AdGlare was designed with scalability and performance in mind. This is where we are now:
Serve from 10M to 1B on standard plans
Redundant infrastructure with fail-over
5 data centers worldwide
Adaptive traffic-based resource assignment
Custom/private engine nodes
* San Francisco, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong.
Ad Serving Engines
across the Globe*
fast ad serving

Minimal Design, Maximum Productivity

With AdGlare's intuitive material design you'll get things done faster, saving you time and money. Promised.

Have 30 sec? Take a look what's inside.

Intuitive & Modern UI

With a modern and highly intuitive design, your ad server will be ready for the years to come. No need to spend time and money on training how to manage ad campaigns.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting allows you to show certain ads only if they match the keywords passed in the ad tag. This targeting feature can be used on in a wide range of cases.

Geotargeting up to City level

AdGlare comes with geotargeting by continent, country, region or city when serving ads. Locations are determined by MaxMind's GeoIP databases.

Targeting Exclude Lists

Instead of targeting 87 different countries, use the Exclude List feature to set up your campaigns quicker. This will target all locations except those marked in red.

Browser & OS Targeting

Target commonly used browsers and operating systems directly from your ad server portal, with just one click. Supports all major browsers, OSes and devices of 2019.

Frequency Caps

Limit exposure of a campaign to the same visitor. Capping data is stored in the user's browser. These caps work without cookies, PII or IP addresses (GDPR compliant).

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions like leads and signups. AdGlare supports Conversion Pixels as well as S2S Postbacks. Easy to set up.

Campaign Tiers

Campaign tiers allow you to prioritize important campaigns over normal ones. Ideal for exclusive offers. Using In-House ads, you always have something to serve to your audience.


Use dayparting to show certain campaigns only on weekends, or between 10 am and 6 pm. Create a schedule by simply dragging your mouse over the hours.


AdGlare supports macros to dynamically change URLs or third party ad tags by passing on custom key/value pairs. Additionally, it supports cache-buster macros and timestamps.

Live Monitoring

See what's happening inside your ad server in real-time. The Live Monitoring page shows the top 5 most used locations, browsers, languages, operating systems and devices.

Impression / Click Pixels

These pixels are fired every time your banner ad is shown or clicked. Useful for third-party tracking. Both IMG and iFrame tags are supported.

Try before you buy.
Try AdGlare free for 15 days. No credit card required.

Invite your colleagues

Working at a large company? Grant access to your colleagues. Invite people from marketing, ad operations and finance. Permission-based accounts.
Unlimited accounts on all plans.
Get your
team on board
ad server script
Small and
incredibly fast

High-performance asynchronous ad tags

Ad scripts that won't slow down web pages. All content is loaded from AdGlare's private CDN (usage free of charge). Lazy-Loading available.

Video / Native / Mobile

Choose from different ad formats with a click of a button. No HTML templates - all ad scripts are generated by the ad server itself.
VAST/MP4 Video Ads
Native Ads with a JSON API
Inline Media (mobile responsive)
Sticky Ads, Lightboxes, Interstitials
HTTP 302 Redirects
ad formats

Responsive Ads

AdGlare uses responsive containers to display your ads. This works out of the box!
Responsive JPG/PNG/GIF ads
Responsive iframe containers
Compatible with 3rd party ad tags
Responsive Ads
On Mobile Devices


Fine-tune delivery to countries, regions and cities. Funnel traffic to your ads from the most valuable countries first. Then backfill with lower quality ads.
By Country
By Region
By City
By DMA (USA only)
Great in combination with tiers

Campaign Reports

Generating reports has never been easier.
Only a 3-minute delay
Printable, Downloadable
CSV Exports
Viewability Graphs
Zone Fill-rates
External Report Pages
Incredibly fast with millions of rows
Generate Reports
In Real-Time

Ad Server
Ready in 30 seconds
Banner Ad Server
Campaign Management in AdGlare

Features Word Cloud

Quickly scan through AdGlare's word cloud to see its features. Are things missing? Ask for a customization project.
Here's why people choose for AdGlare:
Simplified Intuitive Design
Lightning Fast Ad Tags
Free White-Label (Custom Domains)
5 Data Centers Worldwide
Low Pricing: See Plans
Mobile Ads
Third-Party Ads
Real-Time Reporting
Team Member Accounts
City Targeting
Native Ads
Video Ads
GPS Position
Frequency Capping
Low Pricing
5 Data Centers
Conversion Tracking
Intuitive Design
Wordpress Plug-in
White Labeling (CNAME)
High-Performing Ad Tags
Credit Card Subscription
Free Customizations
Free CDN Usage
7-Day Trial