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Quality Assurance.

Automaticaly scan third-party ad tags to see if they comply with your standards.
done See all HTTP requests and payload size
done Checks if audio/video is played
done Evaluates CPU & Memory usage
done GDPR/CCPA cookie dropping
done Detects if the ad tag is responsive
done Educated guess if blocked by ad blockers
done Verifies SSL/CORS compliancy
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See which creatives are dropping cookies, and potentially violating international laws.
done Lists all third-party cookies
done Checks localStorage
done Determines server locations
Scan third-party creatives and take control over your inventory.

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These features are also waiting for you.

Video Transcoding

AdGlare automatically transcodes your video MP4 files for high quality playback on mobile devices.

Real-Time Reporting

We're pushing new data every minute at a 3-minute delay. Includes IVT Filtering and API access.

Live Impression Metrics

See in real-time where impressions and clicks come from. Based on the user's GPS position.

Ad Quality Scores

Each of your creatives gets a score assigned based on load speed, SSL support, 3P cookies and more.

Viewability Measuring

AdGlare measures viewability as per IAB and MCR standards: 50% of the ad's pixels visible for at least 1 sec.

Geographical Targeting

Geotarget locations where your ads should be served. From country to region, up to city targeting.

CTR Optimization (AI)

Use a bit of machine learning to serve ads with the highest expected CTR for a particular user.

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions like website signups or downloads. AdGlare supports server-to-server callbacks.

VAST 2.0 - 4.0

VAST tags generated by AdGlare are compliant as per IAB standards. Support for VAST 2.0 until 4.0.

Pre/Mid/Post Rolls

Generate a VAST tag and feed it to a compliant video player. Show the ads during the main video content.

Free CDN Bandwidth

Host your creative's files on our global CDN. Unlimited bandwidth is included in all plans for free.

Free White-Label

Serve ads from your own subdomain by adding a CNAME to your DNS. Great to get around ad blockers.

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