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Ad Formats
check_circle_outlineDisplay Ads
check_circle_outlineNative Ads
check_circle_outlineVAST Video Ads
check_circle_outlineEmail Ads
check_circle_outlineHTTP 302 Redirects
check_circle_outlineExit Intent Ads
check_circle_outlineSticky Ads

Creative Formats
check_circle_outlineMP4 Video
check_circle_outlineThird-party code
check_circle_outlineVAST Wrapper URL

Ad Tags
check_circle_outlineAsynchronous Tags
check_circle_outlineIframe Tags
check_circle_outlineSynchronous Tags
check_circle_outlineVAST Tags
check_circle_outlineAMP HTML Ad Tags
check_circle_outlineResponsive/Mobile Friendly

check_circle_outlineDirect Deals
check_circle_outlineAd Network Tags
check_circle_outlinePrice Rates
check_circle_outlineCPM/CPC Models
cancelMonetization by AdGlare
cancelReal-time Bidding

Campaign Control
check_circle_outlineFlight Dates
check_circle_outlineBooked Quantity
check_circle_outlineDelivery Speed
check_circle_outlineCampaign Tiers
check_circle_outlineUser Frequency Capping
check_circle_outlineCampaign Throttling

check_circle_outlineReal-time Reports
check_circle_outlineShareable Reports
check_circle_outlineCustom Metric Formulas
check_circle_outlineAdvertiser Report Logins
check_circle_outlineBy Hour/Day/Month
check_circle_outlineRow-level Logs
check_circle_outlineViewability Measuring
check_circle_outlineLive Impression Geo Map
check_circle_outlineBuild & Save Reports
check_circle_outlineDownload via API

Conversion Tracking
cancelCookie-based conversions

check_circle_outlineReports API
cancelManagement API
cancelMobile SDKs

check_circle_outlineDMA (USA)

More Targeting
check_circle_outlineOperating System
check_circle_outlineDevice Type
check_circle_outlineKey/Value Targeting
check_circle_outlineKeyword Targeting
check_circle_outlineDomain Targeting
check_circle_outlineIP Targeting
check_circle_outlineLanguage Targeting
cancelUnique Identifiers
cancelCookie Targeting
cancelConnection Type
cancelTime-zone Targeting

check_circle_outlineCTR Optimization
check_circle_outlineConversion Optimization
check_circle_outlineA/B Testing
cancelDynamic Creative Optimization

Extra Tools
check_circle_outlineAd Quality Scores
check_circle_outlineSSL-Compatibility Checks
check_circle_outlineCreative Quality Scans
check_circle_outlineGDPR/CCPA Audits
check_circle_outlineAutomated Screenshots
check_circle_outlineImage Optimizer
check_circle_outlinePacing Monitor
check_circle_outlineTroubleshooting Delivery
check_circle_outlineClient Management (CRM)

check_circle_outlineBot Filter (GIVT & SIVT)
check_circle_outlineAdGlare = Cookie-free
check_circle_outlineGDPR-compliancy Settings
check_circle_outlineTwo-Factor Authentication
check_circle_outlineActivity Logs
check_circle_outlineUser Roles & Permissions
cancelCOPPA Support

check_circle_outlineFree unlimited CDN Bandwidth
check_circle_outlineFree White-Label (subdomain)
check_circle_outlineMore than 9 years of experience

AdGlare's Technology
check_circle_outlineAutomated Failover
check_circle_outline6 Data Centers Worldwide
check_circle_outlineBrotli Compression
check_circle_outlineAutomated Video Transcoding
check_circle_outlineTLS 1.3 with 0-RTT
check_circle_outlineCertificate Compression
check_circle_outlineDNS Pre-connect
check_circle_outlineHTML5 Lazy Loading

Set Flight Dates

Indicate when a campaign should go live. Then control the delivery speed:
done As fast as possible
done Spread evenly
done Frontloaded
The campaign will stop being served when the booked quantity has been reached.

Set up Targeting

Set targeting rules to show ads to specific users only.
done Geographical Targeting (up to city level)
done Browser, OS, Device, Language
done Domain Targeting
done Keyword & Key/Value Targeting
Increase CTR and engagement by targeting users who interact most.

Real-time Reports

Don't wait hours for data to be available. Reports are updated every minute with only a 3-minute delay.
done Updated every minute
done Export to Excel, CSV or TXT
done Give clients access to your reports
Enable AdGlare's built-in bot filters to avoid your data from being skewed by machines.

Newest Technology of the year 2022

You'll be up to date with TLS 1.3, Brotli, Certificate Compression, DNS pre-connect, HTTP/2 and HTML5 Lazy-Loading.
done Fast Asynchronous Ad Tags
done SSL-compliant URLs
done Loaded in Safe Frames

Worldwide ad serving in America, Europe and Asia

Rocket-fast ad server - 6 data centers worldwide

Ad Serving Nodes
QPS per Engine
Data Centers
<100 ms
Network Latency
Load Balancing

What customers say about AdGlare

format_quoteEver since we started using AdGlare in 2016 it has been a fruitful experience. Constant development updates and quick support has proven to us that we made the right choice.
Bernd Jaeger
Campaign Manager, TraceParts

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