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How to White Label your Ad Server

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AdGlare Ad Server

By default, AdGlare serves content using the following URLs:

  • yourbusinessname.engine.adglare.net
  • yourbusinessname.cdn.adglare.net
You can however white-label these subdomains by adding CNAME DNS records to your own domain. Essentially, you'll be serving the ads from your own subdomain, instead of AdGlare's. This article explains how to set up your white label.


Add the following CNAME records to your domain's DNS settings. If you don't have access to your domain's DNS records, ask the person responsible for your domain within your organization for help.

Host / Name / AliasTTLRecord TypeValue / Points To / Destination
engine1 dayCNAMEyourbusinessname.engine.adglare.net
cdn1 dayCNAMEyourbusinessname.cdn.adglare.net

Getting the Activation Code

Browse to each of the subdomains for which you've set up the CNAME records. For example, engine.yourdomain.com. If all has been set up correctly, you'll see an activation code like the one here below. DNS propagation may take some time. If your subdomain doesn't resolve yet, please wait up to 24 hours.

Activating your White Label

Once you have both activation codes, go to your ad server portal and click Settings arrow_forwardGlobal Settings. Enable the White Label and copy/paste your activation codes as below.


If you wish to support SSL on your custom ad serving domain, click Manage SSL Certificates after setting up your white label. There you can add a wildcard certificate for *.yourdomain.com. Make sure to keep the private key stored somewhere. Your certificate will then be installed on our infrastructure within 24 hours.

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