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Ad Units

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2. Creating ad units
3. Automatically create ad units


AdGlare has built-in ad units that are commonly used for display ads. Examples are 728x90 and 300x250. If you don't adhere to these standard ad units, you can create your own.

Creating ad units

Click Settings from the menu at the top, then choose 'Ad Unit Sizes'. Click the blue button to add a new ad unit. Give it a name, width and height. Then click Save.

Automatically create ad units

If you upload a banner image in a non-standard dimension, you can let AdGlare automatically create that ad unit for you. To do so, click the Settings tab and enable 'Auto-Create Ad Units'.

Warning: doing so can lead to unnecessary troubleshooting. Imagine the ad has a size of 299x250, instead of 300x250. In such a case, you may want to simply refuse that ad. By enabling the auto-creation of ad units, you will NOT be warned about this mistake.