Display Ad Server
Serve ads in standard fixed-size ad units
Native Ad Server
Serve native ads on your web page or app
Video Ad Server
Serve MP4 video ads as pre/mid/post-rolls
For Publishers
Maximize revenue for direct deals.
For Advertisers
Optimize campaigns, real-time insights.
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Getting Started

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Quick start

To serve your first campaign, follow these steps:
  1. Create a campaign
  2. Add a creative
  3. Add or upload your ad
  4. Create a zone
  5. Link the campaign to your zone
  6. Generate the ad tag

How AdGlare is organized

The following diagram gives you an overview how campaigns, creatives, zones and ad tags are linked together: A campaign holding one or more creatives is linked to a zone, where the ad tag is generated.


Event data is collected every minute with a 3-minute delay. If you expect to see analytical data after loading an ad on a page, make sure to wait up to 3 minutes.