Display Ad Server
Serve ads in standard fixed-size ad units
Native Ad Server
Serve native ads on your web page or app
Video Ad Server
Serve MP4 video ads as pre/mid/post-rolls
For Publishers
Maximize revenue for direct deals.
For Advertisers
Optimize campaigns, real-time insights.

Ad Tags

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An ad tag is either a piece code or a URL (depending on the ad format) which has to be added to a web page or app in order to show the ads.
Tag Generator AdGlare AdServer

Generating the ad tag

Open a zone, then click the blue Ad Tag button at the top right. From there, you can see and copy the tag.

Display Ads

By default, AdGlare uses asynchronous ad tags that don't block rendering of the main page. You're free to choose the synchronous version, though not recommended. Enabling 'Prevent Ad Blocking' is only available if you have set up a white-label domain so that you can serve ads to adblock users. If you're an advertiser, you can select the 'Publisher Ad Server', which will automatically insert the correct macros into the ad tag.

Native Ads

The ad tag in this case is a URL, that returns one or more ads as a JSON response. You or your developers can then parse the JSON code and use the data to expand placeholders in your own HTML ad template.

VAST Video Ads

The ad tag in this case is a URL, that returns a VAST XML response containing the ad. This URL should be added to a VAST-compliant video player in order to pre/mid/post-roll the ad.

Live Preview

Use the Live Preview button to see how the ad tag renders on a test page. Your own data (device, country, browser, etc) is used to match against any targeting rules you've set up.